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Bersa Firestorm .380

The Bersa Firestorm 380 (sometimes listed as Firestorm 380) is commonly confused with the Bersa Thunder 380, which makes perfect sense as they are basically the same handgun. Originally, “Firestorm” was a trade name used by an importer called Firestorm SGS, which was based in NJ. Founded in 1994, Firestorm SGS originally started out as a co-venture between Bersa and Llama. In 1999, Llama pulled out of the venture, and Firestorm SGS became a wholly owned subsidiary of Bersa.


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Many of the popular Bersa handgun models were marketed and imported into the US under the Firestorm name including the Firestorm 380, Firestorm 22, and Firestorm Mini. The parts were manufactured in Argentina by Bersa, shipped into the Firestorm SGS location in NJ, and the pistols were assembled there. Eventually, the Firestorm SGS plant closed and Bersa started producing and importing the entire Firestorm line from Argentina.

For all intents and purposes, the Bersa Firestorm 380 is basically a budget version of the Bersa Thunder 380. The pistols share the same design, caliber, capacity, frame size, and controls. So much so, that a Thunder 380 magazine fits into a Firestorm 380 and vice-versa.

What are the main differences?

  1. The Firestorm has a “Bersa” rollmark on one side of the slide and a “Firestorm” rollmark on the other, versus the Thunder 380 has a “Bersa” rollmark on one side and “Thunder 380” on the other.
  2. Sights – The Firestorm features a basic fixed front dot sight with a rear notched sight, while the Thunder 380 models feature a traditional, adjustable 3 dot sight system.
  3. Grips – The Firestorm 380 comes standard with a rubber wrap-around grip with finger indents, while the Thunder 380 has traditional plastic side panel grips with a grooved backstrap.
  4. Trigger Guard – The Firestorm has a smooth trigger guard, while the Thunder 380 has a serrated trigger guard.

While there are no less than 17 variants of the Thunder 380, Bersa only offers a single Firestorm 380 version.

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding Bersa Firestorm holster models:

#1 – Will a Bersa Firestorm fit in a holster made for a Bersa Thunder 380?

Yes it will.

#2 – Do you offer any Bersa Firestorm holster models?

Yes, any holster model listed below is made in a version to fit the Bersa Firestorm 380.

#3 – It looks like the trigger guard on the Firestorm and the Thunder are different? If so, how can they fit the same holster?

The trigger guard on the Thunder has serrations on the front giving it a slightly more squared look compared to the Firestorm. However, the difference is so minimal that even Bersa fits the Firestorm in holsters made for the Thunder 380.

#4 – Will the magazines from the Firestorm also fit in a magazine carrier made for the Bersa Thunder 380?

Yes, the Firestorm magazines fit in a magazine carrier (single or double) made for the Bersa Thunder 380

#5 – I have a standard Bersa Thunder 380 (not the Firestorm version), what holsters do you have to fit that pistol?

Those holsters can be seen here: Bersa Thunder 380 holster models.

Any of the holster models listed below are produced in a Bersa Firestorm holster model.

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