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Bersa Thunder .380

Coming to the market in 1995, the Bersa Thunder .380 combined popular features of the Beretta Cheetah and the Walther PPK. The decision to chamber this handgun in .380 was made due to the international caliber restrictions. In many countries, the .380 caliber is largest that civilians are allowed to own or possess. The Thunder .380 enjoyed near instant success due to its low price point and high degree of reliability.



The success of the Thunder .380 led Bersa to introduce other models and calibers into the US market, although the Thunder .380 has proven to be Bersa's top seller. An excellent option for concealed carry, the Thunder .380 is small enough for simple concealment, but carries enough rounds to deal with most issues. The Thunder performs well carried in an IWB holster or a high ride belt holster. Opinions may vary, but this pistol is on the large side for pocket carry, but could work carried in an ankle holster. Listed below are all the holster models that are made to fit the Thunder .380 model.

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