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New Holsters to Fit the Taurus 738 TCP


MTR Custom has announced that hey are now making all the holsters in their line to fit the Taurus 738 TCP, which has proven to be an excellent seller for Taurus. As Don Hume hans't adopted any holsters to fit this model yet, we were glad to see MTR jump on it.


The TCP series is giving the popular Ruger LCP a run for it's money in terms of an affordable .380 pocket gun. Why? Because it costs less (anywhere from $200 to $250), has a much nicer trigger (at least in my opinion) over the LCP, and runs flawlessly. A good friend of mine has a TCP has over 300 rounds of various ammo through it so far without a single hiccup. Now, I'm not sayng I don't like the LCP and it's a nice gun at a nice price as well, but if you're on a really strict budget but want something to slip into your pocket for emergencies, then take a look at the TCP.