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Ruger SR9, SR40

The Ruger SR9 was introduced by Ruger in 2007, and was Ruger’s first attempt at a striker fired pistol (the same mechanics behind popular brands like Glock, Springfield, and S&W). The SR9 was built on a reinforced fiberglass frame designed to minimize any flex that occurs when the pistol is fired, yet allow a sufficient amount of flex to dampen the blowback recoil.

The SR9 series was the first Ruger handgun to ever offer an interchangeable backstrap system that allowed for a better fit for various shooter hand sizes. The SR9 has other firsts for Ruger as well, including the first loaded chamber indicator and striker cocked indicator. While these features are basically standard on pistols these days, the SR9 was well ahead of its time from a safety standpoint.

In 2008, Ruger discovered a potential issue in the SR9, where it possibly fire if dropped while the manual safety was off, so they initiated a recall in April of 2008. All SR9 models manufactured after 2008 feature a redesigned trigger group that corrected this issue, and all models produced prior to 2008 were offered a trigger group correction under the recall.

In 2010, Ruger released the SR40 model, which was a version of the SR9 chambered in the popular S&W .40 caliber round. The basic dimensions and barrel length on the SR40 as the same as the SR9, but the SR40 features a slightly wider slide. The wider slide is designed to help dampen the recoil of the more powerful .40 round.

Despite the ever slight differences in the dimensions between the SR9 and SR40, both will fit in a holster crafted for the SR9.

Any holster listed below will fit the Ruger SR9 fullsize or the SR40 fullsize handguns.

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