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S&W M&P Compact 9mm and .40 cal 3.5 inch barrel

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After the successful launch of the Smith and Wesson Military and Police full size pistols, Smith and Wesson introduced the M&P Compact 9mm and .40 S&W models. These new models were aimed squarely at the concealed carry market. Compared to their full sized siblings, their abbreviated slide and grip length make the M&P Compact models easier for responsibly armed citizens to hide on their person, and their lighter weight makes them easier to carry for long periods of time. The M&P Compact models are also popular as back-up and off duty weapons for law enforcement officers that are issued the full size M&P for duty carry.


Barrel length







(W x H x L, inches)

(w/o magazine, ounces)




10 or 12

1.2 x 4.3 x 6.7


.40 S&W


.357 SIG


Full Size



10 or 17

1.2 x 5.5 x 7.5


.40 S&W

10 or 15

.357 SIG

10 or 15


The full size M&P is consistently praised for its ergonomics. The three included user replaceable back straps allow the owner to fine tune the grip to better suit their hand. The compact models share this same characteristic with their older siblings (please note that each series uses its own unique back straps). While more common place now, the M&P series was the only one of the “big three” to offer interchangeable back straps.


The market place has responded well to the M&P Compact. The pistol is easily customized by the end user, so there is a great selection of aftermarket sights, fire control parts (like springs and sears), trigger bodies, weapon lights, and lasers available to choose from to modify your M&P Compact to your particular taste.

Here are some of the more commonly asked holster fit questions surrounding the M&P Compact:

#1  – Will my M&P Compact fit into a holster made for the full size M&P?

We never seen a case where a stock M&P Compact would not fit into a holster made for the full size M&P. In this case, there is obviously more holster (length) then is needed. In cases where someone wants to use one holster for both a full size and a Compact, we usually recommend an open bottom model like the Don Hume JIT or MTR Custom Pancake Slide.

#2 – I have Crimson Trace Laser Grips on my gun; will it fit in any of the holsters you offer?

Generally, yes. In our testing, M&P’s equipped with Crimson Trace Laser Grips seem to fit fine in holsters that do not have a thumb break. We have noticed that in most cases, the thumb break strap cannot stretch over the laser module on the right side of the gun.

#3 -  Do you offer holster that will fit my M&P with a light (or laser) attached to the rail?

 At this time, our only option is MTR Custom Leather. They can make holsters to fit the M&P with many of the popular lights and lasers attached. Please feel free to call us (919.388.1991) to discuss your particular needs.

#4 -  What about other modifications, like stippling, different sights, or different triggers?

Stippling, triggers, and sights typical do not affect holster fit. However, if you are running sights that are taller than factory, like suppressor height sights, than there will most likely be a fit issue with Don Hume. If you have tall sights, please call us (919.388.1991) to discuss MTR Custom holster options.

Any of the holster models listed below are available in a version to fit the M&P Compact. 

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