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Sig Sauer P238 with Factory Sig Laser

Given the success of the Sig P238, it wasn’t long before Sig started fielding questions about laser options for the P238. Although Crimson Trace was able to get their laser for the P238 out to market first, Sig wasn’t far behind when they introduced the Sig laser for the P238.


The Sig laser differs from the Crimson Trace version somewhat as the Sig laser uses a push button activator located on the laser body while the Crimson Trace model uses a button activator integrated into the grip area.

The Sig laser for the P238 can be acquired either one of 2 ways:

#1 – Purchased separately as an aftermarket option from Sig

#2 – Purchased as a P238 model with a factory added Sig laser directly from Sig (model 238-380-B-LSR)

Here are some commonly asked questions that we see regarding the Sig P238 with a Sig laser:

#1 – I see holsters being made for the Sig P238 with a Crimson Trace laser? Will my P238 with a Sig laser fit in to that holster?

Sorry, but it won’t because the Sig laser and the Crimson Trace model for the P238 are completely different and have different dimensions. A holster made for the P238 with a CT won’t properly fit for a P238 running a Sig laser.

#2 – Given the way location of the activation button on the Sig laser, will any of the holsters that you offer accidentally activate the laser?

The holsters that we carry for this model are custom molded specifically to a P238 with a Sig laser. The button activation area is slightly recessed on the Sig laser so it usually isn’t an issue. There are occasions than the holster is brand new, that inserting the weapon in to the holster activates the laser. These scenarios are few and far between, and generally resolve themselves once the holster is appropriately broken in.

#3 – Do you offer any IWB holster models for a P238 with a Sig laser?

Yes, and our most popular seller for this model is the MTR Custom Adversary IWB.

#4 – I’m thinking about carrying my P238 with a Sig laser in my front pocket. Do you offer a front pocket holster for that model?

We do, but don’t typically recommend a single action weapon for pocket carry since the C&L carry means there’s some exposed edges to be potentially be caught on during the draw. Also, while the P238 is a small weapon on it’s own, when you add a Sig laser, it’s a little on the big side to be carried in some pockets. It’s entirely up to each individual person, but we think there are better CCW options for the P238 with a laser over front pocket carry.

#5 – I see you talk about offering holsters for the P238 with a Sig laser, but about those of us who are carrying the P238 with a Crimson Trace laser?

We offer holster to fit that option (P238 with CT laser) as well and those can be seen here: link.

Any of the holster models listed below are offered in a version to fit the Sig P238 with an attached Sig laser.

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