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Sig Sauer P320 Full Size

Released by Sig Sauer in 2014, the Sig P320 full-size was considered a continuation design of the Sig P250 series. While the 320 utilizes the same modular idea behind the P250, the 320 uses a striker-fired mechanism versus the DOA hammer set-up found on the P250.


While the P320 is offered in a number of different sized variants, this write-up is focusing on the full-size P320 model. The fullsize 320 is currently offered in four calibers: 9mm, .40 cal., .357 Sig, and 45 ACP (released in 2015). Each 320 (regardless of the frame size or caliber) comes with small, medium, or large grip models to accommodate the grip size of most any shooter.

The modular design features a removable fire control chassis that can migrate between any size P320 frame and slide set-up. In addition, calibers can be changed using various caliber change kits supplied by Sig. To date, all the P320 variants have proven to be popular sellers for Sig and the full size model is beginning to see adoption for LEO use.

Another ingenious design concept was the ability to disassemble the pistol without pulling the trigger (historically a potential point of accidental discharges) and the mag has to be removed for disassembly to occur.

Here are some commonly asked holster questions associated with the Sig P320 full-size:

#1 – I have two P320 full-size models: one in 9mm and one in 45 ACP. Do I have to buy different holsters or will one holster work for both models?

The P320 in 9mm and .40 caliber are the same size, but the P320 in .45 ACP is actually slightly larger in size. That being said, you would need to buy one holster for the P320 in 9mm or .40 caliber and a separate one for the Sig P320 in .45 ACP.

#2 – I have a P320 fullsize with a TLR-1 light. Do you offer a holster to fit that pistol/light combination?

Yes, MTR Custom offers holsters to fit a wide variety of pistols wearing different light/laser combinations. If you don’t see your weapon and light/laser combo listed, give us a call or email.

#3 – I have a few different Sig P320 variants in 9mm but I prefer not to have to buy a separate holster for each one of them. I understand the barrel lengths are all different but is there a one-size fits all type of holster?

Not officially, but what you could do is buy an open bottom holster model like the MTR Custom Pancake slide and it would fit nearly every P320 variant on the market. Another possible option would be to purchase a holster for the largest P320 variant you have knowing that the smaller variants with a shorter slide would also fit in the larger holster. Now, when you were carrying the smallest P320 variant in that holster, you would definitely have some surplus holster so it’s not a perfect solution.

#4 – I’m having trouble locating any Don Hume holsters to fit a full-size P320?

Don Hume does offer a number of holster models to fit the full size Sig P320 in 9mm and .40 caliber. At this time, they are not offering any holsters to fit the Sig P320 45 ACP models.

Any holster listed below is available in a version to fit the Sig Sauer P320 fullsize pistol.

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