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Sig Sauer P938

The success of the small Sig P238 led Sig to release a slightly larger 9mm version called the P938 in 20012. Much like the P238 model, the 938 is a sub-compact single action model that will hold either 6 or 7 rounds of 9mm.

sig p938 holsters

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Unlike many other handguns created for the subcompact 9mm market, the P938 uses a metal alloy for the frame versus the typical polymer found in other models. The idea behind using steel was to offer enough weight to make the P938 more pleasant to shoot than some of the polymer based models like the Kahr PM9, Ruger LC9, etc. Still, the P938 weighs just 16 ounces unloaded, making it more than light enough for pocket or CCW carry.

Dimensionally, the 938 features a three-inch barrel with an overall length of 5.9 inches. With a width of 1.1 inches, the single stack offers a much thinner profile than a double-stack sub-compact pistol like the Glock 26.

The Sig Sauer P938 is equipped with tritium night sights, in transverse dovetails, and offers the standard three-dot combat sight setup. An ambidextrous safety makes the P938 easy for left and right-handed shooters. If you prefer the single action mechanics typically found on a 1911 weapon, then you will find the P938 feels like a trusted old friend.

At the time of this writing, Sig was offering the P938 in 14 different versions that consist of different grips, colors, and features. Most all 938 models are chambered in 9mm, with the one exception being the Sig P938-22, which is chambered in 22 LR.

The size and slim profile of the 938 make it an excellent choice for concealed carry. From a holster standpoint, the P938 could be worn in a pocket holster, IWB, or on a higher riding outside the waistband holster model.

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding Sig P938 holster models:


#1 – Will a P938 fit in a holster made for the P238 since they are close in size?

The answer is no as the P938 frame is larger (slightly wider and longer) than the P238 so it requires its own holster fit. Conversely, the P238 doesn’t really fit well in a holster for the P938 as the holster is too large for the pistol.

#2 – I have a Sig P938 with a Sig laser. Do you have anything to fit that pistol/laser combo?

Yes we do as MTR Custom offers a number of holster models made specifically to fit the P938 with a factory Sig Sauer laser mounted. Those holster models can be following this link.

#3 – Do you carry holsters to fit the P938 with a Crimson Trace laser attached?

Yes as MTR also offers holsters to fit the P938 with a Crimson Trace laser attached. MTR can support holsters for both the red Crimson Trace laser (LG-492) or the green Crimson Trace laser (LG-492G). Those holsters can be seen here: Sig P938 with Crimson Trace laser holster.

#4 – Do you carry or can you recommend a good Sig P938 paddle holster?

Our most popular paddle holster for the P938 is the MTR Custom paddle, and it’s available for the P938 on its own, or with either a Sig laser or Crimson Trace laser mounted as well.

#5 – I’m looking for a nice Sig P938 OWB holster with a thumb break or retention strap for added retention. Do you have anything that might work?

We carry a number of OWB holster models with a thumb break for the Sig P938 from Don Hume and MTR Custom. Most any MTR Custom holster has the option to add a thumb break as well. Something to think about regarding holsters with a thumb break for the P938: The P938 is a single action pistol and really designed to be carried in the cocked & locked position (as in hammer cocked back with a round chambered and the thumb safety engaged). As such, most holster makers only offer retention based holsters for the 938 with the thumb breaks designed with the pistol being carried in that C&L position. If you are interested in a retention holster where the thumb break rides in the uncocked position (as in hammer down), please contact us via phone or email.

#5 – Can you recommend or suggest a Sig P938 pocket holster?

While the P938 is probably on the bigger side for pocket carry, MTR Custom offers both a front and rear pocket holster models for the P938. The front pocket holster version seems to be the more popular between it and the rear pocket holster models. The most popular models are: MTR Custom Front Pocket model and MTR Custom rear pocket holster.

Any holster model listed below is available as a Sig P938 holster model.

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