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Springfield Armory EMP

The EMP pistol was released by Springfield in 2007, and was specifically designed to target the CCW market. With the EMP being short for Enhanced Micro Pistol, this model was originally only available in 9mm. In 2010, Springfield added the .40 caliber option to the EMP line up.


Most 1911 makers use a standard 1911 frame for a sub-compact 1911 9mm or .40, but Springfield opted to take a different approach. They decided to completely redesign the EMP so it actually has a slightly different frame as compared to a 3” 1911. The result is a smaller and more narrow 3” 1911 built for CCW.

The EMP functions just like any .45 1911 and uses all the same 1911 controls. The pistol uses a proprietary 9 round designed especially for Springfield, but, for some reason, it doesn’t have holes or markings so the shooter can see how many rounds are loaded (a pet peeve of mine).

Historically, the EMP has always received top marks for fit, finish, and reliability. That’s not to say that some models have had issues, but Springfield customer service has a good reputation in the industry.

Here are some of the more common questions that we see regarding the Springfield EMP:

#1 – Will the EMP 9/40 fit in a holster made for the 3” 1911?

While most holster makers also try to fit the EMP in a holster for the Colt Defender (1911 3”), we’ve found that the EMP doesn’t fit all that well in the Defender holster since the frame is actually more narrow than the 3” 1911. As such, we’ve found that the EMP slides around in a 1911 holster. You’re best bet is to actually get a holster made for the EMP.

#2 – What’s a good IWB holster for the EMP?

The 2 most popular IWB models that we carry for the EMP include the MTR Adversary and the MTR Slimline Tuckable IWB.

#3 – What about a mag carrier for the EMP?

Since the mags for the EMP are actually a little bit slimmer than traditional 1911 .45 mags, they also don’t fit real well in a mag carrier made for the 1911 .45. We suggest getting a mag carrier specifically made for the EMP.

#4 – I’m looking for a holster for my EMP with a thumb break. Do you carry anything that would work for that?

Most all the MTR holsters are available with an optional thumb break, and built for cocked & locked carry.

#5 – I have the new Springfield EMP4. Do you carry anything to fit that model?

Yes, we have holster options to fit the new Springfield EMP4 and those can be seen here.

All the holsters listed below are available in a version for the Springfield EMP:

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