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Taurus PT709 Slim and PT740 Slim

Introduced in 2008, the Taurus PT-709 Slim was really a blend of two other Taurus pistols, the PT-111 Millennium Pro and the PT-745, into a single stack 9mm handgun designed to target the CCW market. Taurus took a number of popular features on the PT-111 and incorporated those into the single stack design found in the 745 model. The PT-709 Slim was the end result.

Like the PT-111 Mill Pro, the 709 Slim is built on a polymer frame that is reinforced with steel inserts for rigidity. The Slim also features Taurus’ patented Double Strike feature where, in the event of a misfire, the trigger automatically resets and can be pulled again to restrike the primer a second time.

In 2011, Taurus introduced the PT-740 Slim which is the 709 version chambered in .40 S&W. This model has almost the exact same dimensions as the original 709 model.

Both the 709 and 740 series are available in a blued or stainless steel finish. In 2010, Taurus offered the 709 in a titanium version, which reduced the overall weight by 2 ounces, but this model was discontinued in 2011. While neither the 709 or 740 take the title as the lightest single stack 9mm or .40 cal. compact on the market, both come in weighing just 19 ounces unloaded.

The 709 chambered in 9mm has a round capacity of 7+1 while the larger rounds of the 740 offer a S&W .40 caliber round count of 6+1. Although marketed as a single action and double action semi-auto, the Slim series is a double action only weapon with what is considered a “SA/DA” trigger.

In terms of holster fits, both the PT-709 and PT-740 Slim will fit into the same holster.

Gun holsters listed below will fit the 709 and 740 Slim models.

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