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MTR Custom Single Magazine Carrier

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  • Mahogany MTR Custom Single Mag Carrier
  • Black MTR Custom Single Mag Carrier
  • Mahogany MTR Custom Single Mag Carrier - Belt Slot Example
  • Black MTR Custom Single Mag Carrier - Snap-on Example
MTR Custom Leather
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 Product Description

MTR Custom Single Magazine Carrier

The MTR Custom single mag carrier is designed for scenarios where you need to a comfortable and efficient way to carry a spare magazine. This model is available in 3 different carrying configurations:

  • Belt slot – The carrier attaches to the belt using a single sewn-in belt slot that will fit any belt up to 1 ¾” wide
  • Clip-on – The carrier attaches to the belt using a single metal clip. The clip offers the convenience of a quick on/off way to attach the carrier to the belt. The clip will also fit any belt up to 1 ¾” wide.
  • Snap-on – The carrier attaches to the belt using a single leather loop mounted to a one directional snap. Like the belt slot and clip-on models, the snap will also fit any belt up to 1 ¾” wide.

Please note that the MTR Leather single magazine carrier is designed to be shooting hand specific as they utilize the best practice of a weak-side bullet forward draw. For example, a RH shooter would choose the RH option as the magazine is designed to be worn on his/her left side with the bullets in the magazine facing inward. This allows the magazine to be drawn with the left hand (weak hand) for an up and over type of magazine change. Although it may sound confusing, it really isn’t. A RH shooter would choose a RH option while a LH shooter would choose a LH option.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions that we see regarding this single mag carrier:

#1 – What do you recommend as the “best” attachment method?

In all honesty, there really is no true "best" method. The answer to that question really depends on your needs and personal preferences as each carrying method has pros and cons. The belt slot is the most traditional and most secure, but also the most difficult to put on or take off as one has to undo the belt in order to it off or on. The clip-on style gives you the ability to quickly take the carrier off or on, but some worry that the clip might not grip during a time of need (not something that we commonly see, but always a possibility). The snap-on option is slightly more difficult to get on or take compared to the clip-on, but significantly quicker than the traditional belt slot model. The one directional snap can take some getting use to and might be a bit challenging the first few times.

#2 – I’m still a little confused about this whole RH or LH thing with a single mag carrier. Can you provide more of an explanation?

Sure, the most widely accepted way for a quick and efficient magazine change is to have the mag positioned on the weak side of the body with the bullets in the magazine facing inwards towards the belly button of the shooter. The idea behind that concept is when the magazine is drawn from the carrier, the shooter simple has to rotate the wrist upward and the mag is in a position that ready to be inserted into the firearm in the correct position to be accepted by the firearm. It’s actually far easier to show than to actually explain in words so check out this video. The mag carrier in this video is set-up in the manner being described.


#3 – I understand the “suggested” way of doing a magazine change, but I still prefer to keep the spare magazine on my strong side and reach across my body to draw the magazine. In that scenario, which shooting hand should I select for the mag carrier?

If you are RH and wanted to carry on the strongside (your right side) but still wanted to draw with your left hand, you’d still want to choose a RH magazine so when you draw the mag, the rounds are still oriented in a manner for optimal transition into the pistol.

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 Product Reviews

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  1. Great craftsman skill

    Posted by Jim on 10th Nov 2019

    I found a holster maker for life. Easy to work with company. Will be a repeat customer

  2. MTR quality

    Posted by Doug on 30th Sep 2018

    MTR quality leather, stitching and appearance. I would prefer a little deeper well for my FN 509 tac 17 rn, but especially the 24 rn that I typically carry for a spare.

  3. No frills, but work great!

    Posted by Jim on 23rd Jul 2018

    These are really good magazine carriers that you can count on. I have them for several different model of firearm, and I have them with the metal clips and with the button flaps. I prefer the clips because they are slightly slimmer (the button flaps have overlapping leather beyond the edges), but my wife bent the clip while trying to take one of them off me because she didn't understand how they were connected and pulled the carrier away from my belt.

    I have the carriers in black and mahogany pigments. The colors were consistent within batches, but not across batches (meaning my brown ones that were ordered later, were a little different colored than my first brown ones, and the black varied slightly, too, across batches).

    The carriers function well and I've not had concerns with retention. On the carriers with the metal clips, the gun model number is handily stamped on the rear of the carrier, which I think is an awesome feature.

    All-in-all, these are very much worth the price and the wait. They are not perfect, however, but they're pretty darned close. Had they been perfect, I would have given them five stars.

  4. Love the carrier

    Posted by Joe on 9th May 2018

    I especially want to thank you, Brad, for changing the MTR single magazine carrier from the Armalite to the S&W M&P Shield at the eleventh hour. As mentioned, I have cerebral palsy and had two knee replacements. I now use a walker to get around.

    I swapped my Armalite compact 9mm (a clone of the CZ 75 compact) for the Shield compact because my balance is weaker than it was prior to the surgeries. The Shield is about half the weight of the Armalite. The extra Shield mag fits firmly in the carrier but allows for easy draw.

  5. Superior workmanship.

    Posted by Rick on 27th Mar 2018

    Superior workmanship. Well worth the wait.

  6. Secure fit!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Dec 2017

    A very well constructed product. The carrier securely retains the magazine and the clip attaches quickly. Very pleased!

  7. very good

    Posted by old man on 13th Dec 2017

    "Twighlight Sparkle, princess of friendship"(my Colt Mustang, if you have girl children, you understand), needed a spare mag pouch. I run a Galco 1.75" belt, an old(awesome)jak holster, and needed something I could carry ANYWHERE. I ordered a left hand, put it on my right side, reversed, inside my belt. It's awesome. AT LEAST Galco good.

  8. single mag holder

    Posted by Lee on 5th Feb 2017

    I would give the mag holder 5 stars except that I find it somewhat difficult to remove it when I need to. For example : I needed to enter my local court house and needed to leave the mag. and pistol locked in my vehicle. i had a an aggravating time removing the mag holder as the spring clip would not flex enough to allow easy removal.

  9. MTR Mag Carrier

    Posted by Dave on 15th Jun 2016

    I have two of these now for different models. Very light, compact and has a sewn on belt loop. High quality for the price and well fitted.

  10. Holster a little too small

    Posted by Lippyron on 3rd Feb 2016

    I like the holster and it fits the mag just fine. However I would have "loved" it more if it were about a 1/12 inch deeper. Too much of the mag., shows.

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