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Belt Holsters

Belt holsters are also called OWB (meaning Outside the Waistband) or OTP (Outside the Pants) holsters. This style of holster is probably the oldest and dates back to the time period when pistols were first introduced. The first recorded belt holsters were believed to be associated with the cowboys of the west.

Belt holsters are usually designed to be worn on the strongside (same side as your drawing/shooting hand) and are usually attached to the belt using belt loops that are either cut or designed into the holster.

Belt holsters come in a wide variety of styles and are made from different materials including: various types of leather, thermoplastics (plastic or kydex), nylon, and exotic hides or skins (like sharkskin or alligator skin).

Belt holster models are also available in different cant configurations (straight or forward cant), and possibly other options such a thumb break for added retention.

Listed below are all the various belt holster models that we offer.