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Kahr CT380

Kahr Arms is best known for its line of compact and subcompact striker-fired handguns that fit very well into the self-defense and concealed carry market. In terms of 380 pistols, Kahr has done exceptionally well with their P380 and CW380 lines of 380 models. However, both models are very small subcompact pistols, and, in 2014, Kahr introduced a slightly larger-sized 380 handgun model called the CT380. Before we get into a discussion of Kahr CT380 holsters, let's discuss the actual firearm a bit.

Kahr CTt380 Pistol

The idea behind the CT380 was a simple one: offer a 380 handgun that larger than the smaller P380 and CW380 models made for shooters who:

(1)   Had larger hands and found the smaller P380 sized pistols challenging to shoot and operate.

(2)   Wanted a larger 380 with a higher magazine capacity.

The CT380 checks all those boxes as it's slightly larger than the P380 sized pocket pistol but not as large as a full-size 380 like the S&W M&P Shield 380 EZ. From a size standpoint, the CT380 is about the same size as a Glock 42. Most people classify the CT380 as a compact 380 versus the smaller sub-compact models like the CW380.

From an operational standpoint, the CT380 functions and operates just like any Kahr firearm and features the small set of operation controls found on all Kahr pistols.

Holsters for the Kahr CT380

Although the CT380 is slightly larger than the other Kahr 380 pistols, it's still an ideal size for concealed carry or to be carried for self-defense. Our top-selling holster options for the CT380 are inside the waistband holsters, followed by pocket holsters.

Kahr CT380 Holster Options

Our top selling Kahr CT380 IWB holsters are these models:

MTR Custom Adversary IWB

MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary IWB

Our top-selling Kahr CT380 pocket holster is this model: MTR Custom Front Pocket Holster.


Here are some of the more commonly asked questions that we regarding a holster for the Kahr CT380:

Will the CT380 fit into a holster made for the P380 or CW380?

Unfortunately, a Kahr CT380 won't fit properly into a holster made for the smaller P380. While the CT and P380 pistols have the same width (.75"), the barrel on the CT380 is nearly half an inch longer ("3 versus 2.5").

Do you have any holsters to fit a CT380 fitted with an Armalaser TR19?

Any of the holster models shown below can be made in a version to fit a Kahr CT380 with an ArmaLaser TR19 or TR19G laser mounted. The TR19 is the red laser version, while the TR19G is the green laser version.

Do you have a holster to fit a Kahr CT380 with a Crimson Trace LG-443?

According to Crimson Trace, the LG-443 is only made to fit the Kahr P380 or CW380 series of pistols. Because of that, we don't have a holster option for a CT380 with a Crimson Trace LG-443 mounted.

Where can I find a Kahr CT380 pocket holster on your website?

We mentioned it above but will provide the information again here. Our top selling pocket holster for the CT380 is this one:

Can you point me to, or do you carry a double magazine carrier that will fit the Kahr CT380 magazines? Those mags are slightly longer than the mags used on the smaller Kahr 380 pistols, so I've had real trouble finding a double mag carrier that works for the CT380 mags.

We offer several different MTR Custom magazine carrier models (both double magazines and single magazine carriers) available in versions to fit the CT380 mags. All the magazine carriers that we offer for the CT380 are listed below.

Will a Kahr CT380 fit into a holster made for a Glock 42? Those pistols look almost the same size.

While the CT380 and Glock 42 are very similar in size, they have different frame dimensions. Because of that, our experience has shown that the CT380 will not correctly fit into a G42 holster.

This page says that you offer a holster to fit the Kahr CT380 with an ArmaLaser TR19 mounted? Do you have any pictures of images of one of those holsters so I can see what it looks like?

We don't currently have any holster pictures of that specific Kahr pistol with that specific Armalaser laser mounted. However, we'll work on getting some pictures of that set-up and add them to this page as soon as possible.

Any of the holsters or magazine carriers shown below are produced in a version to fit a Kahr CT380. While the example images used for each holster may not specifically display a holster that is made for the CT380, any of the holsters below will fit the CT380.