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Bersa BP380CC

The Bersa BP380 Concealed Carry (CC) was introduced into the US market in late 2014, and was Bersa’s first polymer framed .380 pistol. The BP380 CC was designed for the US concealed carry and self-defense market, although it’s also been popular internationally. This model isn’t designed or marketed as a micro 380, but as a more full size self-defense handgun.

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The BP380CC weighs in at 21.5 ounces unloaded and is a very thin .94 of an inch in width, making fairly light and compact. According to Bersa, the BP380CC is a .380 version of their popular BP 9 CC handgun, and shares the same dimensions as the BP 9 CC model. This model is available in either matte black or a duotone finish.

Some commonly asked holster related questions for the Bersa BP380 CC model:

Will the BP380 CC fit in a holster made for the BP9 CC?

Yes, both pistols have the exact same dimensions so a holster made for either will fit either.

I’m interested in a Don Hume holster for my BP380 CC, but don’t see anything listed?

At the time of this writing, Don Hume wasn’t making any holsters to fit the BP 380 CC and has no plans to add it to their line.

Do you have anything to fit my BP 380 CC wearing a Crimson Trace laser?

That will depend on the laser or light that you are using. We do have some options through MTR Custom for certain lasers and lights being added to a BP 380 CC, but you’d have to call or email to verify before ordering.

All the gun holster models listed below are offered in a version to fit the Bersa BP380 CC.