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Glock 48 with Rail

The success of the standard Glock 48 handgun led Glock to introduce a Glock 48 with rail in July of 2019. This model was dubbed the "G48 Rail" model and features Glock's Slimline rail system integrated into the frame. This pistol is basically a Glock 40 MOS pistol without the MOS platform. The rail offers the shooter the ability to mount a weapon light or weapon laser to the frame.

Glock 48 with rail holsters

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Like all the current G48 pistols, the Glock 48 Rail model is chambered in 9mm and comes with a ten-round magazine. This specific Glock handgun is identical to the original Glock 48 pistol, except for the addition of the Slimline rail on the frame.

The Slimline rail system is a proprietary Glock rail system built for any pistol model in the "Slimline" family. Currently, the Slimline family includes the following pistol models:

  • Glock 43x
  • Glock 48
  • Glock 48 Rail
  • Glock 48 MOS

Since this rail platform is proprietary, it features a slimmer design compared to a standard Glock rail or a Picatinny rail. Unfortunately, this reduced size rail design also means that only certain weapon lights or lasers will fit the rail system.

G48 with Rail Holster Options

As the entire G48 handgun series is geared toward concealment and CCW, the most popular holster style for the Glock 48 Rail model is the inside the waistband holster model. The IWB holster style is designed to ride inside the wearer's pants so that the bulk of the holstered pistol is hidden from view. Only the upper portion of the holstered pistol rides above the waistline for an easier draw.

IWB holsters typically attach to the belt using a few different methods, but the most popular attachment methods are via one or two metal or plastic clips or via one or two leather snap straps that mount over the belt.

Our top-selling Glock 48 with rail IWB holster options are these models:

  • MTR Custom Adversary IWB
  • MTR Custom Slimline Tuckable
  • MTR Custom Dual Carry
  • MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary

These holster models can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Glock 48 with Rail OWB Holster Options

The thinner profile and overall smaller size of the Glock 48 with rails also make it an ideal option for an outside the waistband holster. These OWB holsters generally mount to the belt using belt slots, belt loops or snap straps.

Our top-selling holsters for the Glock 48 with rails are these models:

  • MTR Custom Dual Carry (can be worn IWB or OWB)
  • MTR Custom Full-size Quick snap Holster
  • MTR Custom Belt Scabbard

These holster models can be seen below as well.



Will a Glock 48 with rail fit a holster made for a standard Glock 48 without rails?

The answer will depend on the type and style of the holster. Holsters that are form molded or made specifically to fit a Glock 48 without a rail won't fit a railed version of the G48. This is because the rail on the railed versions and on the Glock 48 MOS (both have the same rail system) change the pistol dimensions sufficiently to impact the fit.

I have a Glock 48 MOS model with a rail. Do you offer any holsters to fit that model?

We offer several leather IWB and OWB holster options for the Glock 48 MOS.

Do you have anything to fit a Glock 48 with a Streamlight TLR-7 Sub Ultra-Compact light mounted?

Yes, any of the MTR Custom holsters listed below can be ordered in a version to fit the G48 with a TLR-7 Sub light mounted.

I have a Glock 48 with a Holosun 507K red dot mounted. Do or can you make a holster to fit that set-up?

It sounds like you have the Glock 48 MOS version, and we do offer several holster options to fit the G48 MOS model with an optic mounted (including the Holosun 507K).

Any holster model displayed below is available in a version to fit a Glock 48 with rail and a Glock 48 railed model with most any mainstream weapon light or laser mounted.