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Beretta 21A Bobcat

Introduced in 1984, the Beretta 21A Bobcat is a semi-automatic pistol designed for self-defense, concealed carry, and personal protection. Also commonly called the Beretta Bobcat, this Beretta handgun is only available in a .22LR caliber or a .25 ACP caliber. This handgun is extremely popular as a “pocket pistol” that is carried in a pants pocket or coat pocket.

beretta 21a holster options

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The 21A is a blow-back design without an extractor, so the pistol relies on pressure from the fired round to discharge spent shells from the action. This design causes the spent brass to eject up upwards instead of ejecting the right like most semi-automatic. At first, this unique ejection configuration takes a bit of getting used to. In addition, the Bobcat is a “tip-up” design where the barrel pops up to load or unload the handgun.

The Beretta Bobcat is built as a double-action function, but it can also be operated in a single-action mode. The design also features a frame-mounted safety that will engage in the double action position (with the hammer down) or the single action position (as in the hammer cocked). This means that a shooter who prefers the single-action operation can carry the pistol like a typical single-action pistol (with the hammer cocked on a loaded round and the safety engaged).

The Bobcat 21A comes with a 7-round magazine (for both calibers), and the magazine release is located towards the bottom of the grip instead of the typical location found on most semi-automatics built for the US market.

According to Beretta support, the 22LR caliber of the Bobcat and the .25 ACP version have the exact same dimensions, so a holster made to fit a 21A will fit either model, regardless of the caliber.

Gun Holster Options for the Beretta Bobcat 21A

Here are our best selling holster models for the Bobcat:

Pocket Holsters

As previously mentioned, the 21A Bobcat is popular for deep concealment,and its diminutive size makes it an ideal candidate for a pocket holster. While we offer front and rear Beretta 21A pocket holsters, the front pocket models are the far better seller.

We have several customers who love the 21A for pocket carry because it's comfortable and secure, yet convenient and accessible.

IWB Holster Options

Another extremely popular holster style for the Bobcat is inside the waistband holster models.  IWB holsters typically conceal well, and offer relatively easy on and off capability.


Here are a few commonly asked questions that we see asked about Beretta 21A bobcat holster choices:

I carry my Bobcat with the hammer cocked and on safe. Can I order a holster with a retention strap that is made to work with the single-action position?

While MTR Custom does offer a thumb break option for most of the gun holster models for the 21A listed below, they do not offer a thumb break option where the Bobcat is carried in the hammer-cocked position. However, MTR can offer a retention strap for a 21A holster where the hammer is in the down position (in the traditional double action position).

I see you offer holsters for the Beretta 21A but don’t specify a caliber. Which holster should I order for my Bobcat in 25 ACP?

We briefly touched on that topic above, but both the 22LR and the .25 ACP versions of the Bobcat fit in the same holster because both models feature the same dimensions.

I've heard that the Beretta Tomcat and Bobcat were the same size and would fit the same holster. Is this true?

Unfortunately, that's not correct as the Beretta Tomcat is larger than the 21A Bobcat and has completely different dimensions. A Tomcat won't fit into a holster made for the 21A and a Bobcat won't fit a holster made for a Tomcat.

I'm looking for a holster made for a Beretta 21A Covert, with the threaded barrel. Do you offer any?

We do offer holsters for the 21A Bobcat with a threaded barrel, and those holsters can be seen here.

Any of the gun holster models displayed below are available in a version to fit a Beretta 21A in .22 or .25 caliber.