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Beretta 92X RDO Compact

Beretta 92X RDO Compact Holsters

Based on the success of the Beretta 92X series and 92X RDO pistols, Beretta introduced the 92X RDO Compact handgun in September of 2021. Beretta discontinued the original 92X Compact model when the RDO Compact model was introduced.

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For the most part, the RDO version is the same as the standard 92X Compact, with a few minor changes. The most prolific difference is the addition of an optic ready slide for a red dot or RMR. In addition, the RDO Compact comes with two 15-round magazines, which offers an additional two-round capacity over the 13-round magazine option on the standard 92X Compact models.

The optic-ready RDO model comes with optic covers, and Beretta includes a coupon to order one optic plate for free. Beretta offers a total of 5 different optic mounting plates that work for almost every red dot on the market.

An RDO Compact model with a red dot or optic mounted will require a gun holster built to accommodate the pistol and optic, while an RDO Compact handgun without an optic mounted needs a leather holster to fit the handgun only.

Popular holster options for the 92X Compact RDO model include:

  • IWB holsters (inside the waistband)
  • OWB holsters (outside the waistband) or belt holsters
  • Paddle holsters

The RDO Compact is too large for an ankle holster or pocket holster but performs well for concealed carry.


Here are some commonly asked questions regarding a holster for the 92X RDO Compact handgun:

Will the 92X Compact RDO pistol fit a holster made for the 92X Compact?

The answer depends on whether or not the RDO version has an optic mounted on the slide. If no optic is present, the answer is yes; an RDO model will fit in the standard 92X Compact holster. However, the answer is no if an optic is present on the RDO pistol, as the optic will interfere with the holster fit.

Do you carry a 92X RDO Compact with optic and light holster?

Almost all the gun holster models displayed below are available in a configuration to fit an RDO Compact pistol with a red dot and weapon light mounted. However, the weapon lights supported are limited to mainstream brands like Surefire, Streamlight, O-Light, etc.

I have a 92X Compact with a red dot and laser mounted. Do you have a holster to fit that set-up?

If your Compact 92X has a red dot mounted, then it’s likely an RDO model and not a standard 92X Compact. To answer the question, we offer holsters to fit a 92X Compact with a red dot and laser attached. However, only mainstream laser brands like Crimson Trace, Viridian, Armalaser, etc. are supported.

Where are the holsters to fit the basic 92X Compact without a red dot?

We carry holsters to fit that pistol, which can be found here: Beretta 92X Compact Holsters.

Do you offer any Beretta 92 Compact holsters?

The standard Beretta 92 Compact is different from the 92x Compact, and was offered in two different configurations, including one with a rail and one with a rail. If you're shopping for a 92 Compact holster, those can be found here: Beretta 92 Compact holster.

Any of the holsters displayed below are available in a configuration to fit a Beretta 92 X RDO Compact handgun with or without an optic mounted. If you’re shopping for a holster to fit this handgun with an optic mounted, you’ll need to choose the “Add RMR Cutaway” option under the holster options.