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Beretta 92X Compact

In addition to introducing the 92X Full-size model in 2019, Beretta also introduced a 92X Centurion (mid-size) model and a 92X Compact model. The smaller size of the Compact model and its improvements over the original 92 Compact model have made the 92X Compact an excellent seller since its introduction.

Beretta 92X Compact Holster ModelsClick this link or scroll down to view all the Beretta 92X holster models we carry

Like the rest of the 92X series, the Compact model also features a slide that is easily converted from the F configuration (safety with decocker) over to a G configuration (decocker only). This approach meant Beretta no longer had to offer a separate F and G variant.

Currently, the 92X family is only available in 9mm, and Beretta has indicated no plans to add other calibers to the family. The compact 92X model ships with a 13-round and 10-round magazine, while the capacity restriction model comes with two 10-round magazines.

The Compact version features a barrel length of 4.25” and an overall length of 7.75”, which is 1.25” shorter than the 92X Full Size model. The reduction in barrel length and magazine capacity also reduces the weight of the Compact model by 6.1 ounces less than the full-size pistol.

Unlike the first generation 92 Compact pistols, the Compact 92X handgun features a 1913 picatinny rail (sometimes called a light rail) in the frame to accommodate frame-mounted accessories.

Holsters for the Beretta 92X Compact

Of all the current 92X models, the Compact 92X series seems the best suited for concealed carry, although the 92X Centurion is sometimes used for CCW as well. Concealing a full-size 92X is a challenge, so that pistol model is not commonly used for concealment.

Our most popular holster options for the 92X-C include the following:

IWB Holsters

Our top-selling IWB holster options for the 92X Compact are typically dual attachment point models due to the weight of the loaded pistol. From the holsters displayed below, we recommend the MTR Slimline Tuckable or MTR Dual Carry if you plan to carry this specific Beretta pistol inside the waistband.

OWB Holsters

The size of the Compact model makes belt holsters or outside the waistband holsters a popular choice. Our top-selling OWB holsters for the Compact 92X pistol are the MTR Slimline Deluxe Pancake, the MTR Deluxe Full-Size Quicksnap, or the MTR Belt Scabbard.

Paddle Holsters

In terms of paddle holsters, the MTR Paddle model is our best-selling paddle option for the 92X-Compact handgun.

In addition to those holster options, we also carry cross draw and SOB models for the 92X-Compact.


Here are some frequently asked questions that are associated with holsters for the Beretta 92X Compact handgun:

Can you conceal carry a Beretta 92X Compact?

While the 92X Compact is not the smallest handgun Beretta offers, it is the smallest model within the 92X pistol family. The smaller size of the Compact 92X makes it a viable option for CCW or concealed carry.

Will a Beretta 92X Compact fit into a holster made for a standard Beretta 92 Compact?

If the original 92 Compact model is equipped with a picatinny rail, then there’s a chance that the 92X Compact model could fit that holster. However, if the compact 92 is not equipped with a picatinny or light rail, then the 92X-Compact will not fit the holster as this model is equipped with a light rail.

I have a 92X FS and a 92X Compact. Can I buy one gun holster to fit both pistols?

Possibly, but the answer will depend on the holster configuration. For example, a belt slide or Yaqui-style holster with an open-ended holster bottom made for the full-size 92X will potentially fit both models. However, a traditional holster with the barrel covered will probably not fit both models equally well due to the difference in barrel length and position of the light right.

Do you carry any mag carriers for the Beretta 92X Compact magazines?

Any magazine carriers listed below are available in a version to fit the 92X Compact 10 or 13-round magazines. However, extended aftermarket magazines may not fit due to subtle differences in the magazine design compared to original Beretta mags.

Do you offer any holsters for the Beretta 92x?

We do carry leather holster for the full size Beretta 92x, and those can be seen here.

I have a Beretta 92-X Compact with an Olight mounted. Do you have a holster that will fit?

Any of the MTR Custom holsters listed below are available in a configuration to work with most all the popular weapon mounted light brands, including Olight, Surefire, Streamlight, etc. To order a holster with a tactical light mounted, choose the light under the "Lights & Lasers" drop-down menu during the ordering process.

Where are the holsters to fit the 92x RDO Compact pistol?

The 92X RDO Compact is basically the standard 92-X compact model with an optic ready slide. Dimensionally (except for a red dot or RMR mounted), the Compact and RDO Compact are the same size. However, the RDO model featuring a mounted red dot will require a holster built to accommodate the mounted optic.

Any of the gun holsters displayed below are available in version to fit the 92X Compact.