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Taurus Model 65

Introduced in 1978, the Model 65 is a steel frame 6-shot revolver chambered in .357 Magnum. From a size perspective, the Taurus 65 is similar to a S&W K frame revolver, making it a “medium” size as revolvers go.

Holsters for a Taurus Model 65 RevolverThe original Model 65 models were only available with a 4” barrel, but Taurus later introduced 3” and 2.5” barrel models. The 2.5” models were manufactured from 1993 to 1997, while the 3” models were discontinued in 1992. Although the 65 model was offered in 3 different barrel lengths, the basic 4” barrel is the most popular and most common model.

The early 65 models featured a half lug under the barrel, while the later models were manufactured with a full lug. The current Model 65 revolvers are equipped with a full lug that runs the length of the barrel.

Most of the Model 65’s featured a blued finish, but Taurus started offering a stainless steel version in 1993. This model is listed as the Model 65SS.

This Taurus revolver features a transfer bar safety mechanism, which prevents the gun from firing unless the trigger is pulled fully to the rear. This safety system is standard in many modern revolvers. The Model 65 is known for its comfortable rubber grip and deep, matte finish, which provides a secure grip and reduces glare. It also has a custom single-action/double-action trigger for improved accuracy and speed.

Although the 2.5” and 3” models are better for concealed carry, the longer 4” models are better suited for range use, home defense, or general carry.

Please note that we only offer leather holsters to fit the Model 65 with a 4” barrel. Unfortunately, we cannot support holsters for the models with a 2.5” or 3” barrel.

From a holster perspective, our top-selling holsters for the Model 65 with a 4” barrel are the MTR Custom Pancake holster and the MTR Custom Belt Scabbard holster. We also offer some IWB holster models to fit the 4” Model 65 revolver.

Note that the holsters made for the Model 65 are molded using a 65 with a full lug to fit both the half-lug and full-lug models.

Any of the holster models displayed below are available in a version to fit a Taurus Model 65 with a 4” barrel.