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Beretta APX A1 Full Size Tactical

The success of the APX A1 Fullsize, combined with consumer requests for a threaded barrel option, led Beretta to introduce the APX A1 Full Size Tactical model in 2023.

Beretta APX A1 Full Size Tactical PistolScroll to the bottom of the page to see all the holsters we offer for the Beretta APX A1 FS handgun

This version of the APX A1 family is the same size as the standard A1 Full Size model, with the following additional features:

  • A threaded barrel
  • Suppressor height sights
  • Extended magazines for additional round capacity.

The threaded barrel features a 1/2x28 thread, which is ideal for most 9mm suppressor options on the market.

Beretta includes three (3) 21-round extended magazines with the A1 FS Tactical. Those 21-round magazines offer an additional six (6) rounds compared to the magazine capacity of the standard A1 Full Size version.

From a gun holster perspective, this particular pistol's most popular holster styles are outside the waistband models. In our humble opinion, the overall size with the threaded barrel and extended magazines makes this handgun too large for comfortable concealed carry.

Our most popular seller for this Beretta handgun is the MTR Custom Full Size Pancake and the MTR Custom Belt Scabbard. Both of those holsters can be found below.

A quick note about the taller suppressor height sights on the APX A1 FS Tactical:

This model's front and rear sights are significantly taller than the standard sights on most APX A1 pistols. As such, a gun holster for the A1 Tactical Full Size must incorporate those taller sights into the design for a proper fit.

The holster models below are manufactured specifically for the A1 APX Tactical, including the threaded barrel and taller sights.


Here are some frequently asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the APX A1 Full Size Tactical:

 Do you have a leather holster that fits the Beretta APX A1 Tactical in full size with an Olight Baldr Pro light mounted?

Any of the MTR Custom holsters shown below can be ordered to fit the A1 Tactical FS pistol with that specific O-light mounted.

Do you carry any magazine carriers that will work with the longer extended magazines of the Beretta A1 APX Tactical?

Any MTR Custom magazine carriers listed below are available in a version to fit the 21 round APX A1 FS Tactical magazines.

Will the tactical version of the full size Beretta A1 APX model fit into a holster made for the standard APX FS pistol, as they have the same dimensions?

Although the APX A1 FS Tactical and standard APX A1 FS pistols have the same general dimensions, the threaded barrel, and taller suppressor sights on the Tactical version will likely cause issues in a holster made for a standard FS A1 pistol.