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Beretta M9A4

Introduced in early 2021, the Beretta M9A4 was designed to be an updated version of the M9 pistol featuring some updates that M9 fans have requested for years. The most significant feature of the M9A4 is the optic ready slide, making this pistol the first M9 variant with red dot capability from the factory.

Beretta M9A4 Holster ChoicesClick this link or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see our Beretta M9A4 holster options

Some other features of the M9A4 include:

  • An 18 round magazine (which is a 1-round capacity increase over the M9A3)
  • Factory dovetail night sights, which can be replaced with suppressor-ready sights.
  • An updated short reset trigger called the Xtreme Trigger System
  • A universal decock-only feature
  • Oversized magazine release button

Like all the Beretta M9 variants, the M9A4 is also a double-action/single-action handgun with a decocker. Like the M9A3 model, the A4 version also has a threaded barrel for suppressor use. It’s worth noting that the M9A4 is not factory equipped with taller front and rear sights, so co-witnessing with a red dot is not possible unless you install taller aftermarket sights.

While the M9A4 is an optic ready pistol, it does not ship with any mounting plates. Beretta offers five different mounting plate options for the A4, but they are separate purchases from Beretta.

Holsters for the Beretta M9A4

We carry several holster options for the M9A4, including the following:

OWB Holsters

OWB or outside the waistband models are a dedicated belt holster style that is worn on the belt, typically on the shooting hand side. The size and weight of the A4 make belt holsters an excellent option for that handgun.

Although OWB models may not offer the best option for concealment, they are a comfortable style for general use, range use, or training. The OWB models we feature are also available as light bearing holsters if needed.

IWB Holsters

 IWB or inside the waistband models are designed to be worn inside the pants line so that the pants conceal the bulk of the handgun. Since the A4 model is more built for duty and home defense, it’s a bit on the large side for concealed carry, although it can be successfully carried IWB.

Most IWB models attach to the gun belt using metal clips or leather loops. We carry several inside the waistband holster options available for the A4, should you want to carry it concealed.

Paddle Holsters

Paddle holsters feature a leather holster mated to a polymer paddle. The paddle portion of the holster rides down in the waist while the holster portion is positioned outside the waistline. Paddle models offer a more convenient method of taking the holster on and off without undoing the belt.


Here are some commonly asked questions that we see regarding M9A4 gun holster options:

Do you offer a Beretta M9A4 holster with light option?

Any of the MTR Custom holsters listed below are available in version to fit an M9A4 with any of the more popular weapon lights mounted; by more popular, we mean weapon lights from brands like:

  • Surefire
  • O-Light
  • Streamlight

MTR Custom can also fit tactical lights from a few other brands, but if you have a weapon light brand that isn’t listed on our site, feel free to contact us.

I’m looking for a holster to fit a Beretta M9A4 with a red dot mounted. Do you have anything that might work?

Most of the MTR Custom leather holsters listed below can be manufactured to fit the Beretta M9A4 with most any red dot or RMR option mounted. To order an M9A4 holster that will accommodate a red dot optic, choose the “add red dot cutaway” option from the lights and lasers menu when the order is placed.

I have an M9A4 with a Holosun 507 mounted, and I’m looking for a leather paddle holster for it?

Take a look at the MTR Custom Paddle holster listed below, as it is available in a version to fit the A4 with a red dot optic mounted.

Will the Beretta M9A4 fit into a holster made for the M9A3?

Based on our testing, the M9A4 pistol will fit into a gun holster made for the M9A3. The only potential issue would be a situation where the M9A4 had a weapon light or red dot mounted. In those situations, the M9A4 would not fit an Beretta M9A3 holster.

Will a M9A4 handgun fit into a holster made for the Beretta M9A2 pistol?

While Beretta did do prototype M9A2 pistols, the M9A2 was never put into production. Beretta opted to transition to the M9A3 as the next version in the M9 series. So, to answer your question, the A4 model will NOT fit into a holster made for the A2, as the A2 was never officially produced.

Do you have any M9A4 mag carriers or mag pouches?

We carry several leather magazine carrier options for the M9A4, including double mag carriers, a variety of single mag carriers, and an IWB mag carrier. In addition to the different mag carrier options, some carrier styles mount to the belt using metal clips, belt slots, or a polymer paddle.

Any of the leather listed below are available in a version to fit the Beretta M9A4 handgun.