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Glock 33

The moderate success of the .357 Sig caliber, along with consumer input, led Glock to release the Glock 33 in 1997. Chambered for the potent .357 Sig, the G33 was a small pistol package with a serious bite.

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The G-33 turned out to be the least successful of the Baby Glock series in part due to the overall power of the cartridge coming out of such a small handgun and the overall less-than-expected adaption of the .357 Sig caliber.

The G33 is the smaller brother to the Glock 32, the slightly larger compact-size Glock pistol chambered in 357 Sig.

Caliber:  Only available in .357 Sig Action: Semi-automatic
Magazine Capacity: Standard 9 rounds, with optional magazines available in 10, 13, 14, 15, and 16 rounds Overall Length: 6.50 inches
Barrel Length: 3.43 inches Width: 1.26 inches
Trigger Pull: approximately 6.3 lbs Weight Unloaded: 19.75 ounces
Weight Loaded: 25.93 ounces  

Like the Glock 26 and 27 pistols, the Glock 33 is part of Glock's subcompact line, offering a balance between power and concealability. As a subcompact model, the G33 is designed for easy concealment, making it suitable for various carry methods.

Its compact size, combined with the powerful .357 SIG cartridge, provides users with a high-performance option for personal defense and concealed carry. The .357 SIG cartridge offers high muzzle velocity and energy, potentially providing improved stopping power compared to some other popular concealed carry calibers.

However, this power comes with increased recoil, which may be challenging for some shooters, given the pistol's small size.

 Like other Glock models, the G33 is known for its reliability and durability. It has gone through several generational improvements, including the following:

  • Gen 3 – This was the original model introduced in 1997.
  • Gen 4 – The latest version of the G33. This generation incorporated several new features, such as interchangeable backstraps for improved ergonomics.

The Glock 33 is compatible with various accessories and can accept higher capacity magazines from other Glock models chambered in .357 SIG. This versatility allows users to customize the pistol to their specific needs and preferences.

Holsters for the Glock 33

Given the subcompact size of the G-33, it's no surprise that our top-selling holster styles for this handgun are inside the waistband holsters. However, we also sell a surprising number of OWB holsters for this pistol as well.

In terms of a backup weapon for law enforcement and civilian deep concealment needs, we also sell quite a few ankle holsters for the 33.

It's worth noting that the G33 is nearly identical to the Glock 26, so it will also fit into a gun holster made for the Glock 26 or Glock 27.

Any of the gun holsters or magazine carriers displayed below are available in a version to fit the Glock 33 in .357 Sig.