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Beretta 92X

Beretta introduced the 92X Full Size firearm as a much-needed update to the venerable Beretta 92 series of firearms. The 92X incorporates several features from the Beretta M9A3 pistol series, including the following:

  • A mil-spec 3 slot picatinny rail
  • A thinner grip based on the popular Vertec grip style.
  • Removable front and rear sights that can be upgraded or changed.
  • A slide that can be converted from a decocker with safety over to a decocker only configuration.

Beretta 92x Holster ModelsFollow this link or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all the Beretta 92X holster options we offer.

As a series, the 92X firearm is available in three different sizes: full size, Centurion, and compact configurations.

Like all the 92 models before, the 92X full-size is a double-action firearm that converts to single action after the first shot.

Holsters for the 92X

Our most popular holsters for the 92X FS include outside the waistband (OWB), paddle, and inside the waistband holster options. OWB holster models seem to be the most popular, although inside the wasitband is also an option, especially for concealed carry.

Most of our staff find the 92X on the big side for IWB use, but we sell a surprising number of 92X inside the waistband holster models. OWB holsters seem to offer a better option for this firearm, given it's weight and size. Most OWB holster models mount the belt with at least two belt slots or loops. The two slot OWB approach is an excellent option to help offset the weight associated with a loaded 92X.

For range use and typical training, an OWB belt holster or paddle holster can also be a good option.

All the holster options we carry for the 92X firearm series are available as right handed holsters and left handed holsters models.

Beretta 92X Holster with Light Options

Any gun holster gear listed below can be manufactured to fit a 92X with most popular weapon lights mounted.

For example, the light brands supported include:

  • Olight
  • Streamlight
  • Surefire
  • Viridian

These holsters are molded to fit a 92X, and the specific weapon light mounted on the pistol.


Here are some frequently asked questions associated with holsters for the Beretta 92x FS:

Will a 92X fit in a holster made for the Beretta M9A3?

While the 92X and M9A3 are very similar, our testing has indicated that a 92X FS doesn’t fit into a holster made for the M9A3 all that well. In addition, the M9A3 won’t fit into most holsters made for the 92X due to the threaded barrel on the A3 handgun.

Will the 92X fit into a holster made for the Beretta M9 pistol?

For several reasons, the 92X will not fit into a holster made for the M9. The primary issue is that the 92X has a mil-spec light rail, while the standard M9 pistol does not.

I have a 92X with an O-light PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie light mounted. Do you offer a holster to fit that?

Yes, we offer a gun holster option to fit that specific tactical light on a 92X through a holster brand called MTR Custom. Any MTR Custom holster shown below can be ordered to fit that set-up.

Do you offer any holsters to fit the Beretta 92X Performance model handgun?

We offer several gun holsters for the 92X Performance model, which can be seen here: Beretta 92X Performance Holsters.

Can you point me to the kydex holsters for the 92X handgun?

Unfortunately, we don't carry any kydex holsters at this time. 

Do you have any mag carriers or magazine pouches for the 92X?

Yes, we offer leather magazine carriers for the 92X in several configurations, including single pouches, double pouches, and even an IWB mag carrier for concealment. All the magazine carriers that we offer for the 92x are listed below.

Are these holsters for the 92x made specifically for that gun model, or are they a one-size-fits-all all?

All these leather gun holsters and magazine carriers are built specifically for the Beretta 92X pistol.

Any gun holster model shown below is availalbe in a version to fit the Beretta 92X Full Size pistol.