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Taurus Model 605

Introduced in 1995, the Taurus Model 605 was designed as a beefier option to the slightly smaller Taurus Model 85. While the Model 85 was only chambered in .38 Special, the 605 is only chambered in the more powerful .357 Magnum (or 357 mag, as its more commonly known).

taurus 605 holster Models

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Like the snub nose Model 85, the Taurus 605 is also a five-shot snub nose revolver that comes in models with a full hammer and models with a bobbed hammer. The models equipped with a full hammer operate as double action and single action, while the bobber hammer models are double action only. The bobbed hammer models were specifically designed for concealed carry as the hammerless design was less prone to snag on something during the draw.

Like many Taurus revolver models, the Model 605’s are equipped with an internal lock to lock the action safely with a key. In addition to the internal lock, the 605 comes with a transfer bar safety that protects the firing pin from being hit unless the trigger is pulled.

Taurus offers the standard Model 605 in versions finished in black oxide and versions finished in stainless steel.

Note – In 2011, Taurus introduced another variant of the Model 605 called the 605 Poly Protector. This version is substantially different from the standard Model 605 as it features a polymer-based frame and a slightly different barrel configuration.

Taurus Model 605 Holster Options

With its 2” barrel length and the ability to shoot .357 Mag or .38 Special ammo, the 605 is a popular option for concealed carry and general self-defense. Because of its popularity, several different holster styles on the market work well for the 605. Since we specialize in leather holster options, all the gun holster models we carry are manufactured from premium leather. In addition, all the revolver holster models that we carry are available in a right hand and left hand configuration.

Taurus 605 IWB holster

IWB is a popular acronym for “inside the waistband,” and it’s commonly used to describe a holster style worn inside the waist or inside the pants. With an IWB holster, the bulk of the 605 revolver is hidden within the waistline of the pants. The level of concealment makes IWB one of the most popular holster styles for the Model 605.

Our top-selling inside the waistband holsters for the 605 are these models: (Which can all be seen below)

Don Hume H715M WCS IWB

MTR Custom Adversary IWB

Don Hume H715M IWB

MTR Custom Slimline IWB

Taurus 605 Pocket Holster

Another popular method of carrying the 605 is via a pocket holster. Most pocket holster styles are designed for either the front pocket or the rear pocket. The front pocket holster option seems to be a much better choice for the 605.

Our best-selling front pocket holsters for the 605 are these:

Don Hume 001 Front Pocket

MTR Custom Front Pocket

Taurus 605 OWB Holsters

If IWB or pocket carry are not viable, another potential holster style is an OWB holster. OWB is a commonly used acronym for “Outside the Waistband,” and it simply means that the holster is attached to the belt and rides on the outside of the waist.

Outside the waistband holsters are also frequently called belt holsters as well. This holster style usually mounts to the belt using belt slots but can also use leather snaps for mounting.

Here are our top-selling OWB holsters for the Model 605:

Don Hume JIT Slide

MTR Custom Slimline Pancake

Don Hume H721OT Belt Holster

MTR Custom Dual Carry IWB/OWB

Taurus 605 Ankle Holster

Another potential holster option for the Taurus M605 is an ankle holster. This style of holster attaches to the ankle using a strap and is concealed by the pants leg.

Ankle holsters generally use an integrated thumb break or security strap to ensure that the revolver stays in the holster until needed. However, since the security strap uses the hammer on the 605 to help secure the revolver, the ankle holster may not be the best option for a Taurus 605 with a bobbed hammer.

Our most popular ankle holster for the 605 is this model:

Don Hume H760 Ankle Holster



Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we see regarding Taurus 605 holster options:

Will a Taurus 605 fit in Taurus Model 85 holster?

Although the 605 and 85 are slightly different revolver models, the standard Model 605 will fit into a holster made for the Model 85. However, a Model 605 Poly Protector will NOT fit a holster made to fit the Model 85. If you are shopping for a holster for the Taurus Model 85, those are listed here: Taurus Model 85 Holsters.

What’s the best concealed carry holster for a Taurus 605?

That’s a tricky question to answer because it’s based on opinions and experiences. Also, there are many variables associated with trying to answer that question. For example, variables such as climate, body type, and typical attire play a significant role in holster selection.

However, we find that IWB holsters for the 605 are the top-selling models in terms of popularity. Our single best-selling holster for the 605 is the MTR Custom Adversary IWB holster.

Will a Taurus 605 Protector Poly fit in a holster made for the metal Taurus 605?

Our experience has been that the Poly Protector 605 revolver will not fit into a holster made for the steel 605 revolvers. This is because the polymer version has different dimensions compared to the metal version. If you're shopping for a holster for the 605 Poly Protector, those can be seen here: Taurus 605 Poly Protector Holsters.

Will the 605 fit a holster made for a Taurus 856?

Unfortunately, it won’t, as the Taurus 856 has a slightly wider cylinder compared to the Model 605, so the 605 ends up fitting loose in an 856 holster.

Will a Model 605 fit into a gun holster made for any Smith Wesson revolvers?

Unfortunately, Smith & Wesson revolvers have completely different dimensions compared to a Model 605, so it won't fit into a holster made for a any S&W revolver model.

Does the stainless steel Taurus 605 fit in the same holster as the blued 605?

The stainless and blued Model 605 are the same size and fit a holster made for the 605.

All the holster models shown below are available in a version to fit the Taurus Model 605 2”.