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Bersa Thunder 380 Plus

When the original Bersa Thunder .380 pistol was introduced in 1995, it was a near-instant success. However, its single-stack magazine design constrained the maximum capacity to 8 or 9 rounds. Based on customer feedback, Bersa introduced a higher-capacity version of the Thunder .380 in 1999.

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This model was called the Bersa Thunder .380 Plus, featuring a double stack 15-round magazine. The Plus version features the same design and operational controls as the original Thunder .380.

From a size perspective, Bersa classifies the Thunder .380 as a “micro-compact,” but classifies the Thunder .380 Plus as a “Sub-compact,” even though both models are extremely close in size.

Holsters for the Bersa Thunder .380 Plus Pistol

Although the Plus model holds 15 rounds, it’s still a relatively compact pistol that works well for concealed carry, self-defense, and home defense.

IWB Holsters for the Thunder 380 Plus

Despite the larger and wider grip, the 380 Plus is still a very popular option for inside the waistband carry. Our most popular holster style for the Plus pistols is IWB, as that holster style tends to be the easiest to conceal. Several of our top-selling leather IWB holster options for the Plus pistol are listed below.

Belt Holsters

Behind IWB holsters, our next most popular holster style for the Thunder Plus 380 are belt holsters or OWB holsters. We offer several leather OWB holsters for the Plus pistols that ride high and tight to the body but keep the handgun secure. Belt holsters tend to be more comfortable than IWB holsters as well.

If holster retention is a concern, we also feature several holster models that can include a retention strap (also called a thumb break) so the pistol stays in the holster until you initiate a draw.

Pocket Holsters

While we carry a few front pocket holsters available for the Bersa Plus pistols, we find the Plus handguns are just a bit too large for pocket carry.


Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Bersa Thunder 380 plus holster choices:

Will a Thunder .380 Plus pistol fit into a holster made for a standard Thunder .380?

Although the original Thunder .380 and the Thunder .380 Plus are very similar, they are not the exact same size dimensionally. The slide on the Plus is ever so slightly wider than the original Thunder 380, and the trigger guard dimensions are somewhat different. Because of those dimensional differences, we find that the larger Bersa Thunder Plus model does not fit into a standard Bersa Thunder 380 holster all that well.

Do you carry any magazine pouches to fit the larger 15-round double stack mags of the Bersa Thunder 380 Plus?

Any of the magazine carriers listed below are available in a version to fit the 15-round Thunder 380 Plus magazines.

Do you have any holsters made for the Bersa Thunder .380 Plus?

Any of the gun holster models listed below are manufactured to fit the Thunder 380 Plus pistol. Those holsters are actually molded of a Thunder 380 Plus mold.

I saw online that the Thunder 380 Plus would fit a holster made for a Walther PPKS. Is that right?

Unfortunately, our experience has been that the Plus version of the Thunder .380 will not fit correctly in a gun holster made for the Walther PPK or PPKS.

Any holster displayed below is produced in a version to fit a Bersa Thunder .380 Plus.