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Beretta Tomcat with Threaded Barrel

Beginning in early 2021, Beretta started offering new versions of the Beretta Tomcat pistol with a threaded barrel option. The first 3032 Tomcat variant offered with a threaded barrel was the Tomcat Covert handgun.

Holsters for a Beretta 3032 Tomcat with threaded barrelScroll down to see all the holsters that we offer for a Beretta Tomcat with a threaded barrel

The success of the Beretta Tomcat Covert model led Beretta to offer additional variants of the Tomcat pistol equipped with a threaded barrel, including the following models:

  • 3032 Tomcat Covert (introduced in early 2021)
  • 3032 Tomcat Ghost Buster (a limited-edition series)
  • 3032 Tomcat FDE

These threaded barrel versions are the same size as the original Tomcat model, except for the threaded barrel option. The threaded barrel allows for the potential addition of a suppressor. The threaded barrel has a 1/2x28 thread size and a matching thread protector.

These threaded barrel versions of the Tomcat utilize the same operational controls and functionality of the original Tomcat pistol.


Here are some frequently asked questions involving holsters for a Beretta tomcat with a threaded barrel:

Will a 3032 Tomcat Covert fit into a gun holster made for the regular Tomcat?

The answer will somewhat depend on the holster design and construction. A Beretta Tomcat holster with an open bottom could potentially fit a Covert model with a threaded barrel, but the threaded barrel would likely protrude out the bottom of the holster.

The threaded barrel on the 3032 Covert will likely create a fit issue in a closed bottom holster, as the holster wasn’t built to accommodate the threaded barrel.

Do you offer a front pocket holster made to fit a Beretta Tomcat with a threaded barrel?

Yes, the MTR Custom Front Pocket holster listed below is available in a version to fit a Tomcat pistol with a threaded barrel.

Do you have any holsters for a Beretta Tomcat with a threaded barrel that does not interfere with the safety mounted on the pistol?

All the Tomcat holster models that we offer are designed to work with the safety, regardless of the safety position.

Do you have any holsters made to fit the non-threaded version of the 3032 Tomcat?

Yes, we do, and those models can be seen on this page: Beretta 3032 Tomcat holsters.

Do you offer any holsters made to fit a Tomcat Covert with a suppressor mounted?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any holsters for a Tomcat with a suppressor mounted on the threaded barrel.

Any of the gun holsters shown below are available in a version to fit a 3032 Tomcat threaded barrel model.