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Government .380

Released to the market in 1984, the Colt Government .380 was designed to be a scaled down model of the popular Colt 1911 chambered in 380. This single design includes all the features of the larger 1911 with the exception of a grip safety. The .380 caliber was successfully adopted internationally and the idea behind this handgun was the caliber and 1911 style design would make it a hit internationally. The Government .380, and its close relatives, the Colt Mustang and Colt Pony developed a following in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Fans of the 1911 found the Government 380 to be a viable alternative for concealment, especially in comparison to the smallest 1911 on the market. Unfortunately, when Colt encountered financial problems in the late 1990’s and production of the Government .380 was discontinued in 1997.

There are quite a few of the Government .380 models being carried today, but locating a holster for one can be challenging. Listed below are all the gun holster models that are available for the Colt Government .380.

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