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Imported by Century Arms, the Canik line of firearms is based in Samsun, Turkey. The Canik name is a trademark name of firearms jointly manufactured by the Industry Corporation and Samsun Domestic Defense.

In 2012, Century Arms partnered with Canik to import the Canik TP9 series of handguns into the United States. Since then, Canik has gained a foothold in the US gun market and expanded its pistol to include many other models.

The TP9 series of pistols utilize a short-recoil tilting barrel locking system that was first introduced in the Browning Hi-Power pistol design. This operational platform is extremely popular in the handgun market as most major handgun manufacturers offer at least one pistol series built on this design.

Canik entered the market as a budget-friendly alternative to the major firearms brands, in some cases costing half as much. This approach, coupled with reliable performance and top-shelf features, played a significant role in Canik’s rise in popularity.

We offer holsters and magazine carriers to fit any Canik handgun model listed below.