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Taurus 605 TORO

Introduced to the market in 2023, the Taurus 605 TORO (Taurus Optic Ready Option) is a compact .357 Magnum revolver designed for concealed carry and self-defense. It builds on Taurus' long-running 605 model by adding the ability to mount a micro red dot sight.

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Key features and specifications:

Chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special Stainless steel construction with matte black finish
5-round cylinder capacity Double-action/single-action trigger
3-inch barrel length Rubber grip with finger grooves and texturing
Overall length of 7.5 inches Fixed rear sight with removable front sight post
Weight of 23.52 oz unloaded Optics mounting plate compatible with Holosun K footprint red dots

The 605 TORO is notable for being one of the first revolvers on the market designed from the ground up to accept a red dot sight. The optics mounting plate is machined into the top strap, allowing for a secure and low-profile optics mount. This provides faster target acquisition and improved accuracy potential compared to traditional iron sights, especially on a short-barreled revolver.

Other key design elements include:

  • Full-length barrel underlug with extended ejector rod for positive extraction of spent cases
  • Transfer bar safety mechanism
  • Smooth double-action trigger pull (13 lbs 6 oz) and crisp single-action (8 lbs)

In terms of performance, the 3-inch barrel provides a good balance of concealability and ballistic capability with .357 Magnum loads. The all-steel construction helps tame recoil, though it is still a handful with full-power magnum ammunition. For easier shooting, .38 Special loads can also be used.

The one potential drawback to the 605 TORO is the fact that it is not equipped with taller sights that are commonly found on optic-ready semi-automatic pistols. If the battery on the optic goes dead or out, the shooter doesn't have a way to transition to the factory iron sights.

Holster Options for the Taurus 605 TORO Revolver

Finding a holster for this specific revolver comes with two challenges:

  • You need a holster made to fit this revolver with a full length underlug.
  • You need a holster to accommodate the red dot optic mounted on top of the frame.

Luckily, we can help as we carry a line of leather gun holsters specifically manufactured to fit a Taurus Model 605 TORO with a red dot optic mounted.

Our top-selling holster models for this Taurus model are the MTR Custom Adversary IWB holster, the MTR Custom Slim-line Pancake holster, and the MTR Custom Dual Carry holster.

A common question that we are asked about holsters for this revolver focuses on how the red dot sight fits into the holster. During the manufacturing process, MTR Custom creates a slot in the holster mouth for the optic to ride.

Any of the leather gun holster models displayed below are available in a version to fit the Taurus Model 605 TORO with a red dot sight mounted.