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First introduced in 2012, the Smith and Wesson SD9VE is a polymer frame 9mm pistol designed for budget-minded shooters. For the most part, the SD9VE is an updated version of the older S&W SD pistol series and the Smith& Wesson Sigma 9 pistol series. The Sigma 9 model was S&W’s first offering of a polymer frame semi-automatic handgun.


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The 9VE version is a striker-fired pistol design, so it does not have an external hammer. The SDVE models are offered in two calibers:

  • SD9VE – Which is only offered in 9mm
  • SD40VE – Which is only offered in .40 caliber S&W

The SD9VE is available in two configurations:

  • A standard model with a magazine capacity of 16 rounds
  • A restricted capacity model with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. This version was designed for sale in states with magazine capacity restrictions.

With its budget-minded price point, the Smith Wesson SD9VE has been an excellent seller for S&W, especially in the home defense and self-defense markets.

S&W SD9VE Holster Options

There are several popular holster styles for the SW SD9VE, including belt holsters, IWB holsters, and paddle holsters. Note that all the leather holster styles we list below are available in a right hand or left hand configuration. Let’s look at each type in a little more depth:

IWB Holsters for the SD9 VE

From a size standpoint, S&W classifies the SD9VE as a compact pistol, even though it has an overall length of 7.2 inches. However, with an unloaded weight of 22.4 ounces, the 9VE is relatively lightweight for its size. With the right concealment holster, the SD9 VE can work for CCW.

For concealed carry, the SD9 VE can be carried with an inside the waistband holster (IWB holster), and our top-selling IWB models for the 9VE are these:

MTR Custom Adversary

MTR Slimline Tuckable

MTR Custom Adversary Tuckable

Belt Holsters for the SD9VE

Belt holsters go by several different names, including outside the waistband, OWB, and pancake holsters. This holster style mounts to the belt using belt slots in the holster.

Our top-selling OWB holsters for the SD9VE are these:

MTR Custom Pancake Slide

MTR Custom Slimline Pancake

Paddle Holsters for the SD9VE

Another popular holster option for the 9VE is a paddle holster. This holster style uses a paddle attachment to mount to the waist to keep the holster in position. This style is popular due to its ease of putting on and taking off compared to a traditional belt holster.

Our top-selling paddle holster for the SD9 VE is the MTR Custom Paddle Holster.


Here are some commonly asked questions that we see regarding S&W SD9VE holster styles:

Do you have a holster for a SW SD9 VE with light?

Most of the holster styles shown below are available in a version to fit the SD9VE with a light mounted. MTR Custom offers light bearing holster options for most popular light brands, including SureFire, Streamlight, and Olight.

Is the SD9VE good for concealed carry?

The SD9VE wasn’t explicitly designed for concealed carry, and the overall size can make it a challenge to conceal fully. However, with the right IWB holster, it can be used for concealed carry.

Can you recommend a good sd9ve OWB holster?

We touched on that topic above and provided some links above to our top-selling OWB holsters for the SD9 VE.

Will the SD9VE fit in a holster made for the SD40VE?

The SD9VE and SD40VE are built on the same frame and have the exact dimensions. As such, an SD9VE will fit into a holster made for an SD40 VE. If you’re shopping for a holster for your SD40 VE, those can be seen here: S&W SD40VE holsters.

Do you have a Smith & Wesson SD9 VE with laser holster?

Most any MTR Custom holster listed below is available in a version to fit the SD9VE with a laser mounted. MTR can support most mainstream laser models, such as Armalaser, Crimson Trace, LaserMax, and Viridian.

Each of the holster models listed below are available in a version to fit the Smith & Wesson SD9VE pistol.