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Beretta 92X Centurion

Beretta 92x Centurion Holsters

Like most of the Beretta 92x series of handguns, the 92x Centurion was introduced in 2019. The Centurion is a mid-size variant of the 92X series that is slightly smaller than the full-size 92X yet slightly larger than the 92X Compact model.

Holsters for the Beretta 92X Centurion Handgun

From a size and weight perspective, the Centurion model has a barrel length of 4.25 inches while the 92X FS has a barrel length of 4.7 inches. The Centurion weighs 32.45 ounces (unloaded), whereas the Full-size model weighs has a weight of 32.80 ounces (unloaded).

Despite the differences in size between the Full-Size and Centurion pistols, they both come with a 17-round magazine for a total capacity of 18 9mm rounds (17+1).

From an operational standpoint, the Centurion utilizes the same operation controls and functionality of all the 92X family of pistols.

Holsters for the Beretta 92X Centurion

Although the Centurion pistol is slightly smaller than the Full-Size model, it’s still a potential challenge for concealed carry. Our top-selling leather holster styles for the Centurion pistols are outside the waistband holsters (also known as an OWB holster). Although not as popular as the belt holster options, we do offer some IWB holster options for the Centurion.

If you were planning on carrying the 92X Centurion inside the waistband, we recommend using an IWB holster with two attachment points versus a single attachment point. The weight of a fully loaded Centurion handgun is better suited to two attachment points to the belt. For the most part, the IWB holster models perform better if you're shopping for a concealed carry holster.

Another popular holster for the Centurion 92X is a paddle holster. The selling point for paddle holsters is the easy on and on features compared to a traditional belt holster.


Here are some frequently asked questions we see associated with holsters for the Beretta 92 X Centurion:

Will a 92X Centurion fit into a gun holster made for the larger 92X Full Size pistol?

A Centurion model will fit into a holster made for the 92X FS model, but, since the Centurion has a shorter barrel, there will be some unused space at the end of the holster.

Do you offer a Beretta 92X Centurion with light holster?

Yes. Any of the gun holster models displayed below are available in a version to fit a Centurion model with a weapon light mounted. However, only mainstream weapon light brands like Olight, Surefire, etc. are currently supported.

I have a Centurion 92X with a light and red dot mounted. Do you offer any holsters to fit?

It sounds like you have the RDO version of the Centurion, which is built to accept a red dot optic. Any of the holster models on this page can be manufactured to fit the Centurion 92X with a tactical light and red dot optic mounted.

Will a Centurion 92X model fit into a holster made for the 92X Compact?

Unfortunately, it will not as the Centurion is larger than the Compact model.

All the gun holsters listed below are manufactured from premium leather, and are available in versions to fit the Beretta 92x Centurion pistol. In addition, all those holster models are offered in a right hand and left hand configuration.