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H&K P2000SK

The success of H&K's P2000 series of handguns (which was standard issue for over 65,000 agents of the Department of Homeland Security) led H&K to introduce a smaller, more compact version of that model called the P2000SK in 2004.

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In reducing the size, H&K was able to shave .6 ounces off the weight, .4 inches off the overall length, and .5 inches off the height while keeping all the popular features of the larger P2000 pistol. Currently, the P2000 SK series is only available in 9mm or .40 caliber. The 9mm version comes equipped with factory 10 round magazines, while the .40 caliber version comes with factory 9 round magazines. The SK model will also accept magazines from the larger H&K P2000 series of pistols as well.

Like the H&K P2000 series of handguns, the P2000 SK pistols are available in a few different variants with different trigger and decocker options, including H&K's patented LEM (Law Enforcement Modification) trigger. The specific configuration will also determine if the pistol functions as a Double Action Only (DAO) or a Single Action/Double Action (SA/DA).

H&K P2000SK Holster Options

Given the sub-compact size of the P2000SK pistol, it's an ideal candidate for concealed carry or self-defense.

Holster options for the P2000 SK include:

  • Outside the waistband Models (commonly called OWB holsters or belt holsters)
  • Inside the waistband Models (commonly called IWB holsters)
  • Shoulder holsters
  • Ankle holsters
  • Pocket holsters

The most popular holster style for the P2000SK is the IWB holsters (which are also called concealed carry holsters or CCW holsters) and OWB holsters.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the H&K P2000SK:

Can you recommend an ankle holster for the HK P2000sk?

There are not that make holster brands that offer P2000 SK ankle holsters, but the Don Hume brand features two very nice ankle holster models for the P2000SK. They can be seen here.

Will the P2000SK fit into a holster made for the HK P2000?

The SK model will technically fit into a P2000 holster, but it's not a great fit as the P2000 is slightly larger than the SK.

What's the best HK P2000SK IWB holster?

"Best" is always hard to quantify, but our top-selling IWB holsters for the P2000-SK are these:

Don Hume H715M-WCS Holster

Don Hume H715M Holster

MTR Custom Adversary Holster

What is a good HK P2000sk concealed carry holster?

When it comes to a concealed carry holster, most people are describing any gun holster style that can be hidden or concealed on one's person.

The most popular holster style for concealed carry is IWB holsters, but you can also hide or conceal a belt holster, a pocket holster, or an ankle holster.

Unless you have a specific holster style that you are already interested in for your P2000-SK, then we typically recommend the inside the waistband style of holster as a concealed carry holster.

Do you carry or offer an HK p2000sk pocket holster?

We carry two brands, MTR Custom and Don Hume, which offer a front pocket holster model available in a version to fit the P2000-SK.

However, most of our staff find the P2000-SK to be a hair too large to comfortably carry in a front pocket of most pants.

Will an H&K P2000 SK fit into a holster made for an H&K UPS Compact 9mm?

While the HK USP Compact and the P2000-SK handguns are similar in style and design, they are not the same size and do not have identical dimensions. Because of the size and dimension differences, a P2000SK will not correctly fit into a holster made for a USP Compact 9mm.

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