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Beretta 21A with Threaded Barrel

In 2021, Beretta added a variant into the Bobcat family of pistols called the 21A Covert. The Covert version was the first 21A model that featured a threaded barrel. The success of the 21A Bobcat with a threaded barrel led Beretta to add additional threaded barrel models in different configurations into the 21A pistol series.

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Like its slightly larger cousin, the Beretta 3032 Tomcat, the threaded barrel versions of the 21A Bobcat are the same size as the original Bobcat models, except for the threaded barrel option. The threaded barrel has a 1/2x28 thread size and a matching thread protector.

The threaded barrel variants of the 21A Bobcat maintain the identical operational controls and functionality found in the original non-threaded 21A pistol.

Here are some frequently asked questions involving holsters for a Beretta 21A Bobcat with a threaded barrel:

Will a 21A Covert fit into a gun holster made for the regular 21A model?

The holster design and style will have some bearing on the answer to that question. It’s possible that a 21A holster with an open bottom could potentially fit a Bobcat Covert model with a threaded barrel, but the threaded barrel would likely protrude out the bottom of the holster.

However, a gun holster with a closed bottom is another story, as the threaded barrel on the 21A Covert will likely create a fit issue.

Do you have any holsters that will fit a Beretta Bobcat Covert with a laser mounted?

The answer will depend on the specific laser brand and model mounted to the Bobcat. It’s probably best if you contact us first to confirm the fit.

Do you have any holsters made to fit the non-threaded version of the 21A Bobcat?

Yes, we do, and those models can be seen on this page: Beretta 21A Bobcat holsters.

Can you recommend an IWB holster for a Beretta 21A Covert?

MTR Custom offers several IWB holster models that support the Bobcat 21A Covert with the threaded barrel. The two we like most for the 21A with TB are the MTR Custom Adversary and the MTR Custom Adversary Tuckable. Both models are listed below.

Do you have a front pocket holster for the Bobcat Covert?

We do, and the model we recommend is the MTR Custom Front Pocket holster (listed below).

Any gun holster model shown below is available in a version to fit the Beretta Bobcat 21A pistol with a threaded barrel.