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Ruger P345

Introduced in 2004, the Ruger P345 pistol was part of Ruger’s popular P-series of handguns. The 345 series was designed as a transitional model between the Ruger P-series and the SR series of pistols. This handgun integrated some popular features from the P-series (such as the P89 and P95) and merged them with some planned features from the upcoming Ruger SR pistol series.

The Ruger P345 was only offered in 45 ACP and was a double-action/single-action design. This pistol used a single stack magazine, built on the same magazine design used on the Ruger P90 and P97 pistols. This series was offered in two versions:

Ruger P345 Black Ruger P345 Two-Tone
Blued Two Tone

This pistol was designed with several updated safety enhancements that were upgrades from the prior P-series guns. Those upgraded safety features were necessary as this pistol series was marketed for use in all states, including those with safety requirements like a magazine disconnect feature. Another enhanced safety feature was a key lock that, when activated, locked the safety into the on position so the pistol could not fire.

The handgun featured a polymer frame (which was an updated design from the polymer frame pistols within the P-series) mated to a steel slide. Primarily made for right-handed shooters, the slide release and magazine release were not ambidextrous and could not be switched over for left-handed shooters.

Ruger made some significant changes to the grip on the P345, making it much slimmer than the grip width found on the P90 and P97 pistols.

In 2006, Ruger introduced a variant called the P345PR, which featured an integrated Picatinny rail for accessories such as a light or laser.

Ruger discounted the P345 in 2013, and it was replaced by the Ruger SR45 pistol.

Ruger P345 Holster Choices

With an overall length of 7.6 inches, the P345 is not a compact handgun by today’s standards. But, it’s smaller and easier to conceal than any of the .45 caliber Ruger P-series pistols. While the overall size is more conducive to belt holsters and OWB holsters, we have some customers carrying the P345 concealed using an IWB holster.

Here are some of the more popular belt holsters that we carry for the P345:

MTR Custom Belt Scabbard

Don Hume H721OT Holster

MTR Custom Deluxe Full-Size Snap-on Holster

Our top-selling Ruger 345 IWB holster options are these models:

MTR Custom Adversary IWB Holster

Don Hume H715M WCS IWB Holster


Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the Ruger P345:

I have the P345 model with a light rail and cannot find a holster to fit it. Do you have any holsters that will work?

Unfortunately, we don’t. The P345PR model will not correctly fit into a holster made for the non-railed P345 model, and we don’t have any holster options that will fit the railed model.

Will the Ruger 345 fit into a holster made for the Ruger SR45? I saw online that those pistols were the same size?

While the P345 and the SR45 are similar designs and both are chambered in 45 ACP, they have different dimensions, so a 345 will not correctly fit into a holster made for the Ruger SR45. If you’re shopping for a holster to fit the Ruger SR45, try this link: Ruger SR45 holsters.

Do you have any magazine carriers made to fit the P345 magazine?

Any of the magazine carriers listed below are available in a version to fit the P345 magazines.

I’m trying to find a retention holster for my P345. Do you have anything that might work?

The best option we could offer for that need would be a holster made with a retention strap or thumb break. Any of the MTR Custom holsters listed below can be manufactured with an optional retention strap added, or this Don Hume holster is available in a version for the P345 and comes with a retention strap: Don Hume H721 Holster.

I have a Ruger 345 with a Streamlight TLR-1 HL mounted. Do you have a holster for this set-up?

Unfortunately, we do not have any holsters made to fit the P345 with a rail or any to fit the P345 with a light or laser mounted.

Any of the holster or magazine carrier models listed below are available in a version to fit the Ruger P345 handgun.