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Taurus Model 856

The Taurus 856 family of revolvers was first introduced in 2003 as a steel frame six-shot model chambered in 38 Special with a 2” barrel. It was initially marketed as a self-defense or concealed carry option with six-shot capability versus the five-shot capability of the Taurus Model 85. Apparently, it wasn’t a great seller for Taurus as they phased production of the 856 out in 2006.

Taurus 856 Holster Styles

In 2018, Taurus re-introduced the 856 revolver family in 38 SPL with the following models:
  • Standard Model 857 with a steel alloy frame and a 2” barrel
  • 856 Ultra-Lite model that featured an aluminum frame with a 2” barrel
  • 856 Defender versions with a 3” barrel
The standard 856 and the 856 Ultra-Lite versions are available with a full hammer and a bobbed hammer option. The full hammer models are double-action/single-action (DA/SA), while the bobbed hammer models only function in double-action mode.
Taurus has expanded the 856 line to include revolver models in different frame colors, various frame finishes (like Cerakote), models with laser grips, and a few variants with wooden grips.

Taurus 856 Holster Options

From a holster perspective, the 856 works well for concealed carry via an inside the waistband holster, OWB holster, or ankle holster. Even though the Model 856 is slightly larger than the Taurus Model 85, it easy to conceal under a shirt or jacket. Note that all our leather holster styles are available in a right hand and left hand configuration.

Taurus 856 IWB Holster

Without a doubt, inside the waistband gun holster models are the most popular style that we sell for the 856, especially for the 856 Ultra-Lite 2” versions. All of the IWB holster styles that we carry are proudly made in the USA and work well strong side, appendix, or behind the hip. In addition, all the IWB models we carry are manufactured or designed with a reinforced holster mouth for easier one handed re-holstering.
Our top selling inside the waistband holster models for the 856 2” are these: 
MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary
MTR Custom Adversary
MTR Slimline Tuckable

Taurus 856 Paddle Holster

While paddle-style holsters do not conceal as well as an inside the waistband holsters, they offer the benefit of being simple to put on and take off the waist.
Our top selling paddle model for the 856 2” models is this one: MTR Custom Paddle Holster

OWB holster for Taurus 856

Another popular holster choice for the 2” Model 856 revolver is OWB (outside the waistband) holsters. This style is commonly called a belt holster as well.
Our top selling belt holster models for the 856 2” are these: 
MTR Custom Pancake Slide
MTR Custom Slimline Pancake
MTR Custom Dual Carry
Other popular holster styles for the 856 include shoulder holster and pocket holster models.


Here are some commonly asked questions that we regarding holsters for the Taurus 856 revolver:

Do you offer anything to fit the Taurus Defender 856 with a 3 inch barrel? 

Yes we do and those concealed carry holster models can be seen here: Taurus Model 856 Defender 3" holsters

Do you make a holster to fit the Taurus 856 UL revolver?

The “UL” designation means that you have the 856 Ultra-Lite version. The Ultra-Lite version has the same dimensions as the standard 856, so any holster listed below is made in a version to fit the 2 inch 856 (standard or Ultra-Lite). 

Will a Taurus 856 fit in most j-frame holsters?

Unfortunately, the 856 has different dimensions than most all the S&W J frame revolvers so the 856 won’t fit in a J frame holster. The 856 cylinder and barrel configuration are larger than the typical Smith Wesson J frame in 38 special.

Do you carry a kydex holster for the 856?

Currently, we do not offer any kydex holster options for the 856. All we currently offer is leather holster styles.

Will the Taurus 856UL fit in a holster made for a Ruger SP-101?

Our experience has been that the 856 will not fit in a revolver holster made for the Ruger SP-101. While the Ruger SP-101 is larger than a S&W J frame, the SP101 has different dimensions than the Model 856.

Any of the holster models displayed below are manufactured from premium leather, and available in a version to fit a Taurus Model 856 with a 2” barrel in a right hand or left hand draw.