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Beretta APX A1 Compact

Introduced in 2022, the Beretta APX A1 Compact is an upgraded version of the 1st generation Beretta APX Centurion (which is sometimes also listed as the APX A0 Centurion). This A1 variant was also designed to replace the APX Centurion, which Beretta discontinued at the beginning of 2023.

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Like all the Beretta A1 pistols, the APX A1 Compact features an optic-ready slide for a red dot, an upgraded trigger, an upgraded recoil spring for reduced felt recoil, and updated slide serrations.

Dimensionally, the A1 Compact model has a 3.7” barrel with an overall length of 6.9”. From a size comparison standpoint, the A1 Compact is slightly smaller than a Glock 19 but slightly larger than a Glock 26.

The A1 Compact features a 15-round magazine, but Beretta also offers a 10-round magazine version for magazine-restricted states.

Holsters for the Beretta APX A1 Compact

Given the size of the A1 Compact, it’s a popular model for concealed carry. Inside the waistband holsters (IWB holsters) are our most popular seller for this specific A1 version, but we also sell quite a few outside the waistband or belt holsters. Paddle holsters are another popular choice in this handgun model, especially for use at the range.

Our top selling model for the APX A1 Compact is the MTR Custom Adversary IWB holster, which can be seen below.

Since this pistol is red dot ready, we also sell several holster models available for the APX A1 Compact with a red dot mounted. We recommend adding the optional red dot or RMR cutaway option for those models to ensure a solid fit.

While the Picatinny rail (light rail) on the APX A1 Compact is small, we do have some customers who need a holster that will also fit a small tactical light (like a TLR-7). Any of the holsters listed below can be built to accommodate an APX A1 Compact with a light mounted or with a light and red dot mounted.


Here are some commonly asked questions that we see regarding holster options for the Beretta APX A1 Compact pistol:

Will the APX A1 Compact fit into a holster made for a Beretta APX Centurion?

For the most part, the answer is yes, as those two pistols have the same dimensions. The only potential issue with fit will involve the Toblerone-style slide serrations on the Centurion versus the slide cuts on the A1 model. The A1 model features actual slide cuts for enhanced grip, while the Centurion has actual raised slide serrations.

Will a APX A1 Tactical fit into a gun holster made for the standard A1 Compact?

Not likely, and here's why: The APX A1 Tactical has a threaded barrel and higher suppressor ready sights. Those two features make it highly unlikely that a holster made for a standard A1 Compact would fit the A1 Compact Tactical. If you're looking for a holster the Tactical model, you can find that here: Beretta APX A1 Compact Tactical.