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H&K HK45

First introduced in 2004, the H&K HK45 has an interesting history. In 2005, the US armed forces decided to hold another set of combat pistol trials (much like they did in 1984 when the Beretta 92 was selected for military use). In light of the upcoming trial and the military interest in bringing back the .45 ACP caliber, H&K used the military specs to produce the HK45 specifically for their entry into the trial. During the design process, H&K brought in some well-known military shooters like Larry Vickers and Ken Hackathorn to improve the design. When the armed forces realized the immense cost associated with changing to a new sidearm, the pistol trails were indefinitely suspended in 2006.

Given the amount of time, effort, and money H&K had invested into the HK45 project, they decided to offer for sale to the civilian and law enforcement market in 2006. The HK45 utilizes popular features and mechanics from the very popular H&K USP series and the H&K P2000 series. Much like the USP series, the HK45 series is available in 10 different configurations, with more variations planned for the future. The most popular variation to date is the H&K HK45C (Compact). While the HK45 received excellent reviews overall, it proved to be somewhat cost prohibitive for the law enforcement market when compared to other popular brands in law enforcement such as Glock, Sig, and S&W. Subsequently, this model didn’t catch on all that well in the LEO market. However, there are a number of tactical and special forces groups (such as Naval Spec Warfare Command) who do carry the HK45 as a duty weapon.

When discussing holsters, the overall size of the HK45 really lends itself to be carried in a belt holster of some sort, but a shoulder holster is another possibility. Although there are some IWB holsters on the market for this model, it can be a challenge to carry and conceal comfortably.

All the holster models listed below will fit the H&K HK45.