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MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary Clip-On IWB Holster with a Bodyshield

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  • Front View - RH Black for an S&W J frame 2 inch
  • Rear View - RH Black for an S&W J frame 2 inch
  • Front View - RH Black - Shown with a Kahr P380 with Crimson Trace laser for Demonstration Purposes
  • Rear View - RH Black - Shown with a Kahr P380 with Crimson Trace laser for Demonstration Purposes
  • Side View - RH Black - Shown with a Kahr P380 with Crimson Trace laser for Demonstration Purposes
MTR Custom Leather
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 Product Description

MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary Clip-On IWB Holster With a Bodyshield

While the MTR Custom Adversary clip-on IWB has been a very popular design, MTR decided to take the Adversary to a different level by adding a tuckable option to the original design. This model features all the popular options of the standard Adversary but adds the ability for the user to tuck a shirt into the waistband over the holster for deeper concealment.

Produced from Grade-A 6 to 7 ounce premium bull hide in the USA, the Tuckable Adversary is designed to worn on the strongside in the 3 O’clock position, just behind the hip, or with appendix carry. The holster attaches to the belt using a black powder coated metal clip that will fit any belt up to 1 ¾” wide. A quick note on belt widths: with a double thick gun belt, this clip really works best with a 1.5" or 1.25" belt. A double thick 1.75" belt isn't the best choice for this clip. A single ply 1.75" gun belt will fit just fine.

Made with a 0 cant (riding straight up and down), the Tuckable Adversary also features a reinforced body shield. Many competitors use an un-reinforced body shield, but Matt from MTR prefers the reinforced model as it won’t collapse over time. The body shield is a favorite for many who carry a handgun under a base layer or up against bare skin.

The Tuckable Adversary rides deep in the waistband for excellent concealment, while still allowing for a full firing grip during the draw. The reinforcement also keeps the holster mouth open, allowing for easier reholstering.

The Adversary is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable IWB that can be worn all day.

Some commonly asked question about this holster model:

#1 - I like the tuckable concept, but can I wear this holster untucked if I wanted?

Yes, the Tuckable version can be worn with the shirt tucked in or as a traditional style clip-on IWB holster.

#2 - This isn't a one size fits all type of holster is it?

No, these holsters are manufactured specifically for a specific handgun make and model. So,if you order one for a Colt 1911 5", it won't fit anything but a 5" 1911 handgun.

#3 - I don't understand what you mean by "tuckable"? Can you please explain?

Sure. The clip design allows the wearer to tuck a shirt over the holster and into their waist just like one would normally wear a tucked in shirt. This option is really designed for deep concealment situations as that same deep cover of a tucked in shirt also slows down the ability to access and draw the weapon. Like most things in life, it's a trade off, of sorts.

#4 - I like the looks of this holster but don't need the tuckble option. Is this holster available in a non-tuckable version?

Yes, the non-tuckable version is the standard MTR Adversary Clip-on IWB and it can be seen here: http://www.gunnersalley.com/mtr-custom-adversary-clip-on-iwb-holster-with-a-bodyshield/.

#5 - What's the difference between this MTR IWB holster and the regular MTR Adversary Clip-On IWB?

This model uses a different style clip to attach to the belt (making it tuckable if desired), and this model has reinforced holster mouth for easier one handed reholstering.

#6 - I see that this holster has an option where a thumb break can be added? Exactly what is a thumb break and can you provide an example picture of what this holster looks like with a thumb break added? And do I need one?

The thumb break (also commonly called a retention strap) is a strip of leather that comes up from both sides of the holster and snaps together across the back of the pistol. This device serves as an added level of retention in keeping the weapon in the holster. In order to disengage the thumb break, the snap has be opened and then the pistol or revolver can be drawn from the holster. The answer to "Do I need one?" is really a subjective answer that depends on the needs and preferences of each individual shooter. If you carry a weapon while engaged in activities that involve strenuous physical activity (jogging, running, hiking, rock climbing), then it's probably something to consider. Or if you carry while riding a motorcycle or bicycle, then it might be worth considering. Or, if you simply prefer the added security of a thumb break, then it makes sense. Here's a picture showing what the added thumb break looks like:

image10829-1.jpg image10830.jpg 
 Front Pic - MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary with add Thumb break  Rear Pic - MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary with add Thumb break


A quick note about thumb break models for single action pistols (1911 models, Sig P238, Sig P938, Kimber Micro Carry, etc.): These types of pistols are really designed to be carried with the hammer cocked in what's commonly called the Cocked & Locked position (Also called Condition 1). As such, MTR builds thumb breaks for single action guns off the cocked & locked position as the norm. If you happen to carry your single action pistol in the hammer down configuration, please contact us before ordering so we can verify that MTR has a model in order to offer a thumb break in the hammer down position for your specific pistol.

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 Product Reviews

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  1. Nice Holster! Fits my LC9 w/ Lasermax just right!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jul 2020

    Just got mine, and I'm very impressed! I was nervous that it would not fit with the Lasermax attachment, but fear not! It was snug, and was just as advertised! Great quality and worth the several week delivery wait!

  2. good quality, great fit

    Posted by EDunne on 26th Apr 2020

    this is a well made holster. it fit my firearm perfectly (Sig P365 sas). it looks wonderful. you wait a little longer to get this product, but quality is worth the wait.
    using this in the 4-5 oclock position is the most comfortable. I had purchased this as the sight indicated it works in the appendix position. but due to reason number 2 below, I do not find it suitable for this. regardless, it is my go to inside the waistband holster.

    The fit for my firearm is rather good. there is some tension when drawing the firearm out of the holster. this gives me confidence that my firearm will not fall out.

    I can get a solid grip on the firearm while holstered. Pointer finger indexing the slide, 3 fingers on the grip, thumb on the opposite side of the frame. all a proper grip before the draw. I've had some holsters where I had to adjust my draw, adding the middle finger as I cleared the holster. not the case with this. it is very well crafted.

    the only draw backs keeping me from giving this a 5 star rating:
    1. the belt hook is a bit loose. it spins with a some pressure. so the angle changes now and then. I've tightened the screw, but it doesn't make a difference. it takes a good bit of pressure to get it to move, but I've had a couple times when I went to take it off and the angle was off. not enough to be an issue, but something I noticed.

    2. it rides a little higher than I would prefer. only by about 1/2 an inch. I think they set it up so that there was ample space between your belt/pants and the grip. but I do not like having it so high. my hand can slide between the 2 easily, I don't need so much of a gap. but I can see that some, maybe most, would like it exactly the way it is. just a personal preference.

  3. High quality

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Sep 2019

    Very high quality for the price. Fit is great, mahogany color deep. Would recommend to anyone.

  4. Perfection... PERIOD

    Posted by Adam on 29th Sep 2019

    Absolutely perfect. Even had indentations of safety, barrel and slide grips for Walther PK 380 with factory Laser. It is a work of art. You will not find anything better because it can’t be any better.

  5. Great Craftsmanship

    Posted by Jim on 13th Aug 2018

    Unparalleled craftsmanship and quality.

  6. Great Quality & Fit

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Aug 2018

    My second MTR holster with with three more ordered. The quality is the best and the custom fit is perfect.

  7. Excellent Concealed Carry Holster

    Posted by ROY on 4th Aug 2018

    This MTR Adversary IWB clip-on holster is an excellent value on a very good holster. My preferred carry method is IWB and I have a couple other holsters that are of equal quality, but I payed a good deal more money for them. When you consider that you can order a custom holster to fit your modified firearm, then you've got a combination of quality, options and price that I don't believe can be found anywhere else.

  8. Great holster

    Posted by Ray on 2nd Jun 2018

    Super quality and comfortable fit. Great customer service from gunnersalley.com.
    I couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

  9. Very comfortable

    Posted by Mike on 27th May 2018

    Most comfortable and versatile holster I own. Fits my Springfield 9mm EMP like a glove. Great retention, easily drawn and can reholster 1 handed. Best holster I own for concealed carry!

  10. almost perfect

    Posted by Tommy J. on 18th Apr 2018

    MTR Custom Tuckable Adversary Clipon IWB with Bodyshield for LC9s.
    7 weeks devilery as pomised. Excellent materials and workmanship. Very comfortable to carry. The fit was great, just snug enough. No breakin needed. The one drawback was that this holster did not completely cover the trigger guard wich is why I returned the Don Hume H715 WC. This holster is much better than the Don Hume and will get used, but I wish I could give it 5 stars

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