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1911 4 inch barrel with rail

The success of the 4” 1911 models led a few select weapon brands to offer the 4” model with a picatinny rail. The rail gives the user the option to add a light, laser, or light laser combo to the weapon for added functionality.

Finding a holster for a railed 4” 1911 can be somewhat challenging as that pistol variation has a smaller following and not many holster makers are willing to tool up molds for the smaller potential market.

The two most popular makers of railed 4” 1911 models are:

  • Kimber TLE-RL 4”
  • STI Duty One 4”

Here are some commonly asked questions involving holsters made for a railed 1911 4” model:

#1 – Will a railed 4” 1911 fit in the same holster as a regular non-railed 4” or Colt Commander?

The answer is no it won’t and here why: the rail itself is wide enough to cause fit problems on a holster molded to a non-railed weapon. However, since the rail is slightly larger in width, a non-railed 1911 4” will fit into a holster made for a railed 4” 1911.

#2 – What about holster options do you have for a railed 4” 1911 carrying a light or laser?

It really depends on the specific light or laser that you are running on the pistol. For those situations, contact us with details and we’ll see if we can help.

#3 – What do you suggest for a Kimber TLE-RL 4” model?

Well, Don Hume does have a few select holster options designed for that model, but not many. You’re best bet is probably an MTR as they will do just about any holster in their line in a version to fit the TLE-RL.

All the holster models show below are available in versions to fit a 4” railed 1911 pistol.

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