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Beretta 9000s

The Beretta 9000S pistol was a number of "firsts" for Beretta, inlcuding:

#1 - The first Beretta handgun that was targeted specifically at the United States market

#2 - The first polymer pistol they ever produced.

#3 - The first Beretta pistol that had the capability to function as a single or double action weapon.


The 9000S was introducted to the market in 2001, and Beretta took a different approach on the introduction. Believing that the S&W .40 was going to become more popular than the 9mm, the 9000 was first chambered for the .40. Beretta followed-up and introduced the 9mm version in 2003. Although the 9000S series didn't reach the popularity that Beretta had hoped for, it does have a good following.

In terms of holsters, the 9000S works well carried a number of ways, including inside or outside the waistband. A high riding OWB holster might be just the ticket for some people.

Any of the holster models listed below are availabe in a configuration to fit the 9000S.

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