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Beretta-Wilson Combat 92G Compact Carry

Right after the Beretta/Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical was released in 2014, fans immediately started asking for a more compact version for CCW. The 92G was/is a huge success so far and it was only a matter of time before Wilson Combat obliged and introduced the 92G Compact Carry in early 2016.


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So what’s the difference between the 92G Brigadier Tactical and the Compact Carry? Basically 3 things:

#1 – Overall length - The barrel on the Compact Carry is .04” (nearly half an inch) shorter than the fullsize Brigadier Tactical

#2 – Shortened grip – The grip is about ¼” shorter on the Compact Carry which means the magazine capacity dropped down from 15 in the Tactical version down to 13 in the Compact Carry.

#3 – No Rail – While the Tactical version features an integrated picatinny rail, the Compact Carry is rail-less.

Aside from those 2 aspects, fit, function, and appearance is basically identical between the 2 models. There are a few other smaller differences, but most are fairly minor. However, Wilson will always further customize this model if additional work is desired.

Overall, most customers have been very happy with the Compact Carry model so far, but there have been some rumblings in the market that it would have sold better had if it had a rail. However, Wilson combat somewhat kept true to the overall design concept on the compact carry models of the Beretta 92, as most of those don’t have rails either (although some do). Many fans would have liked Wilson to apply the 92G work to the 92 Compact M9A1 model and introduce that as the 92G Compact Carry.

Like the 92G fullsize model, the Compact Carry version is only available from Wilson Combat or through an authorized Wilson Combat dealer. Currently this model is only available in 9mm.

Some questions that we’ve seen so far regarding holsters for this model:

#1 – Does the Compact Carry model require a special holster or will it fit in a holster for the standard Beretta 92 Compact?

Since the Compact Carry model uses a standard 92 Compact frame (versus the thicker Brigadier slide found on the 92G Tactical), it will fit most any holster made for the 92 Compact without a rail. A word of caution though: be careful about trying to crossfit the 92G Compact Carry model into a holster made for a 92 Compact with a rail as we’ve found that the fit doesn’t seem to be that good. The rail adds some overall thickness to the holster itself so the that particular holster is slightly larger than the pistol, making for a less than great fit. You’re best bet will be a holster made specifically for the 92 Compact.

#2 – Will the 92G CC model fit in a holster made for the fullsize 92G Tactical?

Yes, but not all that well. Since the Tactical model is longer, you’ll have some surplus holster, plus the Tactical model is railed so the 92CC may actually shift a little inside the holster.

#3 – Do you offer any IWB holsters for the 92 CC model?

Yes we do and our two most popular are the MTR Custom Adversary IWB and the MTR Custom Slimline Tuckable IWB. both of those models can be seen below.

Any holster displayed below is availabe in a version to fit the Beretta/Wilson Combat 92G Compact Carry pistol.

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