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Beretta APX Fullsize

The Beretta APX handgun was originally designed to be Beretta’s submission into the Armed Forces XM17 Modular Handgun System competition (hereafter referred to as the XM17 for brevity); with plans to release it to the public after the XM17 competition had been completed. The XM17 competition was a joint program between the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy to evaluate and choose a new sidearm to replace the Beretta 92 for the Army, and the Sig M11 for the Navy. The competition actually started in way back in 2011, and, like most government programs, didn’t end until a winner was picked in January of 2017.

Beretta APX Holster Options

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Prior to the conception of the APX model, Beretta, as part of its existing handgun contract for most of the U.S. Armed Services, had offered to provide their M9A3 model as a reduced price in an attempt to keep the original contract in place. However, the M9A3 had so many upgrades and changes compared to the original Beretta 92 that had won the military contract in 1984 that the U.S. Department of Defense declined and opted to support the XM17 competition project for a replacement.

The APX was really designed around the requirements that were specified in the XM17 documentation. The APX is a full size, striker fired, polymer frame pistol that is built on stainless steel chassis system that allows for a truly modular set-up. The chassis system means that that fire control assembly can be removed from the frame and then inserted into different frame (much like the popular Sig P320 series which won the XM17 trials). This approach allows the owner to change the pistol frames and calibers as desired. The APX is also equipped with 3 different sized (small, medium, and large) backstraps so the user can further adjust the grip dimensions to his or her personal preferences. In addition, the APX has an integrated mil-spec 1913 picatinny rail integrated into the frame so a light or laser can be added, if desired. The APX also comes with a reversible magazine release, and an ambidextrous slide stop/slide release.

The operational design is different from most Beretta handguns as well. Instead of sticking with the short recoil system that is found on the Beretta 92/M9, the APX uses a system that is more similar to the Sig P220. This includes a locking breech block that cams into a locked position with slide engagement. Although the APX doesn’t have a specific safety, it does have a striker block safety and an integrated drop safety feature as well. When cocked, the APX also features a cocked striker indicated on the rear of the slide. Most striker fired pistols (like the Glocks) require that the trigger be depressed in order to take the pistol down. In an effort for additional safety, Beretta built the APX with a striker deactivation button that deactivates the striker prior to break-down, and engages the aforementioned striker block safety to prevent an accidental discharge as the pistol is being disassembled.

Currently the Beretta APX is being offered in either 9mm or .40 S&W, and only has one frame size (full size frame) that is currently on the market. Although the full size frame is available in a few different color options other than black (FDE, gray, and OD), Beretta has indicated that additional frame sizes will be available in the near future. The 9mm models are offered with either a 17 round or 10 round magazine configurations, with an optional higher capacity 21 round magazine also on the market. The .40 caliber versions are offered in a 15 or 10 round configuration, with an optional higher capacity 18 round version available.

In addition to the standard full-size APX versions, Beretta has also introduced a few special APX variants:

APX FDE Special Package (Beretta Model JAXF91411) – This is a full-size APX with the FDE frame with factory installed night sights and it also comes with the optional higher capacity magazines in lieu of the standard magazine configuration.

APX Combat (Beretta Model JAXF921701 or JAXF920701) – This version is a full-size APX with the black frame that comes standard with the top of the slide pre-cut for a red dot optic (also called an RDO). The Combat comes with RDO adapter plates to fit most of the popular mini red dot models from brands like Burris, Leupold, C-More, and Trijicon. This model also includes a plate cover so you can run the gun without an RDO if desired. In addition to the RDO slide cut, the Combat model also comes with a factory installed threaded barrel.

APX RDO (Beretta Models JAXF42170/JAXF42070/JAXF92170/JAXF92070) – The RDO version is basically exactly the as the Combat model minus the threaded barrel. The RDO also offers the option to add an RDO optic and uses the same plate adapter system found on the APX Combat version.

Here are some commonly asked questions that we’ve seen so far regarding Beretta APX holster options:

#1 – Do you offer holsters to fit the Beretta APX yet?

Yes, any holster model listed below is available in a version for a Beretta APX holster.

#2 – Can you do a holster to fit a Beretta APX with a Streamlight TLR-7 mounted?

The answer is yes. MTR Custom can support holsters for the Beretta APX with a number of popular lasers or lights (including the Streamlight TLR-7) mounted. If you’d like to see a full list of all the lasers and weapon light options that MTR can support, click into an MTR holster and have a look at the “Lights and Lasers” drop-down menu on that holster page.

#3 – I have the Beretta APX .40 model with the 10 round magazine but the holsters that you offer just seem to be made for the standard Beretta APX with the higher capacity magazines. Will these holsters fit my APX with a 10 round magazine?

For starters, the APX models in 9mm or .40 caliber are basically the exact same size, and fit into a holster molded for the APX 9mm version. Second, the magazine capacity doesn’t have anything to do with the fit of the holster, so a holster made for the APX for a 9mm or .40 caliber APX with any magazine capacity configuration fits into an APX holster.

#4 – Do you have or can you make a holster to fit my Beretta APX RDO model with a Leupold DeltaPoint mounted to it?

Yes, we can through MTR Custom. Most any MTR Custom holster listed below can be made to fit an APX with a DeltaPoint on it. MTR cuts a slot in the holster so the Deltapoint (or most any other mini red-dot sight) can ride in the holster. MTR can fit a holster for the APX RDO with most any of the popular MRDO optics mounted to it. If you wanted a holster for this configuration, under the “Weapons” drop-down menu, you would choose the “Beretta APX RDO with Mounted RMR Optic” option.

#5 – I have the Beretta APX COMBAT model with RDO and threaded barrel. Can you make a holster for it?

Yes as MTR Custom fully supports holsters for the Combat model with a mounted RDO optic and the threaded barrel. Most any of the MTR holster listed below can done for that specific APX Combat configuration. You would need to select the “Beretta APX COMBAT with Mounted RMR and Threaded Barrel” option.

#6 – Do you offer a holster to fit a Beretta APX Combat model with a suppressor attached?

Unfortunately, we don’t.

#7 – Do you offer a holster to fit a Beretta APX with the compact frame?

At the time of this writing, Beretta was only offering the APX in a full-size version, so the only holster models we can support right now are the full-size frame models. However, as soon as the new frame sizes are released at Beretta, we’ll do our best to get holster options for them available as soon as possible.

#8 – These holsters are supposed to fit a Beretta APX but I don’t see an APX shown in any of the holsters on this page? I’m confused so can you help?

We can understand the question so here’s our best attempt at an answer. The different pistol models shown in the holsters below are for demonstration purposes only. The holster models listed on this page are in fact made specifically to fit the Beretta APX even though we don’t yet have a Beretta APX handgun is not pictured in any of the holster examples. That being said, we do try to photograph as many gun/holster combinations as possible, however we do not own every single handgun model on the market. As a result, we are not able to show every possible combination.

Holsters and magazine carrier models shown below are available in a version as a Beretta APX holster.

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