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Beretta M9A3

The Beretta M9A3 was first introduced at the 2015 SHOT show and was designed as Beretta’s updated handgun entry into the U.S. Army’s MHS (Modern Handgun System) trials. Beretta took the standard Beretta M9 offering and added several improvements/enhancements in an effort to make the M9A3 eligible for the MHS trials. Unfortunately, the MHS evaluators did not agree that the M9A3 met all the handgun requirements to be eligible, so it was not considered in the trials. Given all the time in development and testing, Beretta opted to make the M9A3 available to the public.

Beretta M9A3 Holster Options

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So how is the M9A3 different from the basic Beretta M9 series?

(1) The M9A3 comes in a 3-color finish matte black, coyote, and flat dark earth as opposed to the standard blued/black finish on the M9 series

(2) The M9A3 features a flattened mainspring housing, so the grip is more flat and straight like the Beretta Vertec series. However, if you are a fan of the more angular grip found on the Beretta 92 and M9 models, the M9A3 comes with a wrap-around type grip that mimics the grip of the M9. If you prefer a more Vertec style grip, the M9A3 comes with those as well.

(3) The M9A3 is equipped with a safety/decocker (just like many of the B92 variants) but is designed to the action can be converted over to a decocker only by the user (Like the Beretta 92G series of pistols).

(4) The M9A3 comes with a 3-slot mil-spec 1913 style picatinny rail for attachments such as lights or lasers. The original M9 series did not have a rail, and when Beretta finally did introduce a rail to the M9, it was a Beretta proprietary rail, which created issues with attachments built for a 1913 rail.

(5) The M9A3 also comes with a 5” threaded barrel for suppressor use. While the pistol does not come with suppressor level sights, those are available as aftermarket parts.

Beretta increased the capacity on the M9A3 to accept a 17-round magazine, and three magazines are shipped with each pistol. The factory M9A3 Beretta magazines are colored to match the pistol finish.

Here are some commonly asked questions that we see regarding Beretta M9A3 holster models:

#1 – Will an M9A3 fit into a holster made for the standard M9?

Unfortunately, it won’t, as the standard M9 models (and most Beretta 92 models) are not equipped with an accessory rail. In addition to the dimensions on the M9A3 being different from the standard M9, the accessory rail (1913 rail) will stop the M9A3 from fitting into a Beretta 92 form fitted holster.

#2 – Will the M9A3 fit into a holster made for the 92A1?

The answer is not very well. The 92A1 is basically the first update that Beretta did for the Beretta 92. The M9A3 is the next generation of that update, and it includes some frame differences as well. While the 92A1 is equipped with a 1913 accessory rail like the M9A3, and the slide is basically the same size, the extended threaded barrel on the M9A3 won’t work in a holster made for the 92A1. If you are shipping for a holster to fit the Beretta 92A1 or 96A1, go here: https://www.gunnersalley.com/beretta-92a1-96A1-holsters/

#3 – I carry an M9A3 with a Streamlight TLR-1 HL mounted to it. Do you offer or make any holsters to fit that pistol/light combo?

Yes, we do. Almost any holster listed below from MTR Custom is available in a version to fit the M9A3 with a TLR-1 HL mounted to it.

#4 – Do you offer any retention or security holsters made to fit the M9A3?

The answer will depend on the level of retention you are looking for. If you mean a Level 2 or Level 3 duty holster like law enforcement carries, then we won’t be able to help with that just yet. However, most any of the holsters listed below are available with an optional thumb break that can be added to the holster. This would make the holster the equivalent of the Level 1 security holster.

#5 - I understand that this page is about Beretta M9A3 holsters, but most of the holsters listed on this page don't look like they fit an M9A3? Am I confused?

We understand your confusion. The holster models listed on this page are made to fit the Beretta M9A3 even though the M9A3 is not pictured in any of the holsters on this page, and none of the holsters look to fit the M9A3. While we try to photograph as many gun/holster combinations as possible, however, we do not own every single handgun model on the market. As a result, we are not able to show every possible combination.

Any of the models listed below are available as Beretta M9A3 holster options.

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