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Beretta Pico

Given the success of the Beretta Nano and the growing market for micro .380 pistols, it was only a matter of time before Beretta jumped in the micro .380 market. Introduced by Beretta in 2014, the Pico was/is designed specifically for the civilian concealed carry market. Chambered only in .380 ACP at this point, the Pico is marketed as the “slimmest .380 ACP pistol” on the market. At the widest point in the width, the Pico supposedly is 18.5mm, making is extremely slim. The standard Pico weighs in at 11.5 ounces (unloaded), and is rated for +P ammo.

Following the growing trends in the firearms industry, the Pico utilizes a sub-frame chassis that is technically the “firearm” by ATF standards. This chassis design (much like Sig Sauer has started using) offers the ability for a chassis to be dropped into other barrels, frames, or grips at any given time. Basically the chassis is the “guts” of the gun, and then can be utilized with other frames (Beretta has already announced the intention to offer Pico frames in other colors). The only constant, in theory, is the caliber.

Instead of a straight blow back design typical of most .380’s, the Pico uses a Browning style design with a slight upward tilt of the barrel. According to Beretta, this reduced the felt recoil. Range tests have indicated that the Pico isn’t unpleasant to shoot (a common issue with micro .380 guns) and offers good accuracy. The Pico features a complete CCW meld design with all rounded corners and nothing to snag on a draw.

While the overall reviews have been very positive, here are a few common complaints:

#1 – Long and heavy trigger pull that exceeds 12 lbs

#2 – Lack of full cocking serrations on the slide making it harder to get a good grip to rack the slide.

#3 – The dual recoil springs are extremely rigid and are believed to have led to some FTE issues (Supposedly Beretta has reduced the spring strength on the newer models which corrected this issue).

Some commonly asked holster questions associated with the Pico:

#1 – Will the Pico fit in a holster made for the Nano?

No, the Pico is significantly slimmer and shorter than the Nano, and a Pico slips right out of a Nano holster.

#2 – I wanted a Don Hume holster for my Pico, but can’t find one on your site?

At the time of this writing, Don Hume isn’t any holsters for the Pico or Nano for that matter.

#3 – What holsters do you carry for the Pico?

All the holster models that we currently offer the Pico are listed below.

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