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Diamondback DB9 9mm

Manufactured by Diamondback Firearms LLC, the DB9 is a polymer frame striker fired subcompact 9mm that was introduced to the market at the 2011 SHOT show. The DB9 design looks to be based somewhat on the popular Diamondback DB380 that was released in 2009.

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The DB9 is really designed as a CCW or pocket 9mm for self defense or concealed carry. Made to be as light and small as possible, the DB9 doesn’t offer features such as a slide release or slide lock. It will not lock open on the last round like most other pistols. As a result, the overall width of the DB9 comes in at a slim .80”, making it one of the thinnest 9mm models on the market. With an unloaded weight of 11 ounces, the DB9 is also one of the lightest 9mm models on the market as well.

However, lightweight and smaller dimensions are always a trade-off as they can equate to gripping difficulties (especially if you have larger than average hands), malfunctions, and a nasty or unpleasant felt recoil.

Currently, the DB9 is offered in 6 variations, including one with a LaserLyte laser as a factory option. The factory pull weight is advertised as +/- 5.5 pounds, but reviews seem to put the DOA only trigger pull at closer to the 7-8 pound range.

Online range reports have indicated that the DB9 has a felt recoil that ranges from slightly above average to the assessment of “violent”. It’s easy to understand why given the caliber, diminutive size, and light weight. Personally, I found the felt recoil on the DB9 to be less than expected but one has to maintain a very firm grip and I wouldn’t recommend this one for beginning shooters. The lack of slide stop combined with a very firm recoil spring (which helps with recoil) make it very difficult to rack the slide. Chances are an older person or someone with a weaker than average grip, won’t be able to successfully manipulate the slide. To put the felt recoil in better perspective, I felt the DB9 was easier to control than the Ruger LCP (which is only slightly smaller and chambered in the less powerful .380).

According to Diamondback, the DB9 is not rated for +P or +P+ ammo, and use of either will void the warranty. They also don’t recommend running any 9mm ammo with a bullet weight larger than 124 grains. I expect the logic there is the pistol isn’t designed to handle the higher pressures of the more powerful +P stuff, and any 9mm ammo above the 124 suggested limit probably has a lower slide velocity, which might interfere with cycling. Those seem to be small trade-off’s given the overall size and intended design of the pistol.

Here are some commonly asked questions that we’ve seen regarding holsters for the DB9:

I’m having trouble finding a holster for my DB9. Will it fit a holster made for the DB380?

Unfortunately, the answer is no as the DB9 is longer, wider, and has slightly different dimensions given the length and width differences. If we’re talking about a 1 size fits all nylon holster, then sure it will “fit”. But, if we are talking about a form fitted leather holster, then no the DB9 won’t fit a DB380 holster.

I have a DB9 with the Crimson Trace laser on it. Do you offer a holster to fit that?

Here’s the thing, at the time of this writing, Crimson Trace doesn’t offer a laser model to specifically fit the DB9. They do, however, offer one to fit the DB380, and many people also think it fits on the DB9 as well. According to Diamondback (and we called on this one), the Crimson Trace laser for the DB380 won’t properly fit the DB9, and running this specific Crimson Trace laser made for the DB380 (Crimson Trace LG-491) on the DB9, voids the warranty on the DB9. Here’s a link for more info, and read the Disclaimer at the bottom of the page. So, to answer the question: no, we don’t have any brands who offer a holster to fit the DB9 and Crimson Trace laser.

Can you recommend a Diamondback DB9 pocket holster?

Our two most popular selling pocket holster models for the Diamondback DB9 are these:

MTR Custom Front Pocket Holster

MTR Custom Back Pocket Holster

I have a DB9 with the Laserlyte laser attached. Do you offer any holsters to fit that?

Yes, any holster listed below is available in that configuration. You would just need to choose the DB9 as the weapon and under the laser option dropdown menu, choose the Laserlyte DB9 option.

Do you offer any holsters to fit the new DB9 stainless?

Yes, the DB9 stainless version fits the same holster as any other DB9 model.

Do you carry a Diamondback db9 paddle holster?

Our most popular selling paddle holster for the DB9 is this one: MTR Custom Paddle Holster

What's a good CCW holster for the DB9?

The top sellers we see for CCW with the DB9 are the MTR Adversary, MTR Adversary Tuckable, and MTR Slimline Tuckable (all listed below).

I know you carry the Don Hume line of holsters, but don't see any listed for the DB9?

At the time of this writing, Don Hume was not yet offering holster models for the DB9.

Any holster listed below is available in a version to fit the Diamondback DB9 9mm.

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