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FN FN9, FNP40, FNX9, FNX40

The FNP line is a group of semi-automatic pistols are produced by FN Herstal and debuted in 2006. Currently the FNP series is available in 9mm (FNP-9), .40 cal. (FNP-40), .45 ACP (FNP-45), and .357 Sig (FNP-357) calibers. The FNP is also marketed under the Browning name as the Browning Pro-9 and Browning Pro-40.

The FNX line is considered an upgraded version of the FNP line and was released to the market in 2012. The FNX line is only available in 9mm (FNX-9), .40 cal. (FNX-40), and .45 ACP (FNX-45) currently. As the models are so similar dimensionally, the FNP and FNX handguns will usually fit the same holster.

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