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Glock 42 with Crimson Trace LaserGuard

Although the Glock 42 isn’t available with a Crimson Trace red laser as a factory option from Glock quite yet, the addition of the CT red laser has proven to be a popular add-on option. The Crimson Trace red laser (model LG-443) is designed to fit both the Glock 42 and Glock 43 models, and attaches under the trigger guard area. This model features a pressure activation switch that integrates into the grip area of the pistol.


However, one distinct disadvantage of the LG-443 laser, is the fact that it changes the dimensions of the pistol when mounted so a G42 with the laser mounted won’t fit in a holster specifically made for the Glock 42 by itself.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions that we see regarding holsters for the Glock 42 with a Crimson Trace LG-443 red laser:

#1 – What holsters do you offer for the G42 wearing a Crimson Trace LG-443?

Any of the holsters listed below are made in a version to fit that weapon carrying the LG-443.

#2 – Will the holsters listed on this page fit a Glock 42 with a Crimson Trace LG-443G green laser?

Actually the Crimson Trace LG-443 in red and the LG-443G in green are actually 2 different laser models and the lasers themselves are actually different sizes. The LG-443G is actually larger and has different dimensions compared to the red LG-443 model. As such, a G32 with the green Ct laser requires a different holster that those seen below. Those holsters can be seen here.

#3 – I understand that the holsters are made for the Glock 42 with a red CT laser, but do the holsters interfere with or activate the laser when holstered?

Since the laser activation button is in the grip area and the holsters don’t touch that grip area, they won’t interfere or accidentally activate the laser when activated.

All the holster models listed below are availabe in a version to fit the Glock 42 with a red Crimson Trace LG-443 laser.

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