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Gun Belts

Gun Belts


A good gun belt is a fundamental necessity to the proper wear and performance of a holster. It is the foundation for your firearm and self defense system. A true gun belt is different from a standard dress belt in the following ways: 

  • Gun belts are designed to be rigid and strong in the areas necessary to properly support a holster and accessories.
  • Gun belts are thicker than normal belts. This extra thickness equates to additional strength and support.
  • Gun belts are significantly more durable than standard belts. Most standard belts are made of thinner leather. With time and use, the thinner leather breaks down causing the belt to stretch and sag. (Have you ever put on a regular belt only to find that you now have to pull the buckle in to the next closest hole? If you haven't lost weight, then your belt has most likely stretched like we've described here.)
  • 1.25 inch shown in Saddle Brown
    $52.00 Choose Options Don Hume B109L Lined Gun Belt
    Don Hume B109L Lined Gun Belt     The Hume B109L is a double thick gun belt made from top grain cowhide. It features a stitched edge, with a plain, un-dyed inner layer. We consider this to be an entry level gun...

  • Example of what these belts look like - trying on the belt may produce a wrinkle, but this is usually the only cosmetic flaw in our Gently Loved belts.
    $39.00 Choose Options Gently Loved Gunner's Alley Belts
    "Gently Loved" Gunner's Alley Gun Belts   What is a "gently loved" Gunner's Alley gun belt? It is simply a belt that we made for a customer and was returned (most often because the sizing instructions were not...

  • Gunner's Alley Belt Replacement Screw Set
    $5.00 Choose Options Gunner's Alley Belt Replacement Screw Set
    Gunner's Alley Belt Replacement Screw Set   These are the same Chicago screws that are used in the Gunner's Alley belts. They come in sets of two (2), enough to replace all the screws on your belt. Available in...

  • Gunner's Alley Gun Belts
    $69.00 Choose Options Gunner's Alley Gun Belts
    Gunner's Alley Gun Belts Although it is often overlooked, the gun belt is a big part of the foundation needed to comfortably carry a holstered pistol. The Gunner's Alley gun belts are specifically designed to support the...