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H&K HK45 Compact (HK45c)

The success of the full sized H&K HK45 lead H&K to release a smaller version called the H&K HK45 Compact (HK45C). The compact version offers the same features and controls as the larger HK45 model, but in a smaller, lighter package. The compact model with a standard magazine will carry 8 rounds which is 2 less than the full size model. HK does offer an extended magazine that adds 2 more rounds, getting the Compact up to a 10 round capacity. Here's a nice video review of this model:


The HK45 Compact is better suited for concealment when compared to it’s big brother. Holster options for the Compact model include standard OWB and IWB, along with other possibilities including a shoulder holster. Despite being a “Compact” gun, this model is too large for pocket or ankle carry.

All the holsters listed below are made in a version to fit the H&K HK45 Compact.

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