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H&K P30

Introduced in 2006, the H&K P30 pistol was really designed as a full size duty pistol for law enforcement and home defense. The design foundation of the P30 is basically a blend of the design and features found on both the H&K USP Compact and the H&K P2000 models. Originally, H&K had planned to name this model the P3000, but opted go with the P30 series as the 3000 designation seemed too long for marketing purposes. Currently, the P30 is only available in either a 9mm or .40 S&W caliber option.hk-p30.jpg

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From a technical standpoint, the P30 is a polymer frame recoil operated handgun that uses a Browning style link-less cam action to lift the barrel during operation. While the standard P30 is offered with a spurred hammer, there are some P30 variants that, depending on the trigger/action configuration, may have a bobbed hammer as well.

In addition to all the features on the standard P30 model, it also is designed with a modular style grip that can be configured to fit each shooter’s individual hand. The grip features 3 different backstrap sizes as well as 3 different grip shells (small, medium, and large). These 2 grip adjustments offer 27 different grip configurations. In addition, all P30 models feature an ambi slide release, ambi magazine release on the trigger guard, and a 1913 mil-spec picatinny rail for lights or lasers.

However, the most unique aspect of the P30 design involves the different trigger configuration options found on the handgun. For starters, many of the P30 models are available with H&K’s proprietary Combat Defensive Action (commonly known as CDA trigger). The CDA design uses a two part hammer spur for a lighter and more consistent trigger pull in both double and single action mode. In addition to the CDA action, H&K also offers the P30 in a more traditional DA/SA operation as well. All told, H&K currently offers six different trigger options, some of which also include a safety as well. Any model with a safety will include an S in the model. Here’s a look at the trigger options, which can be a bit confusing:

Standard (also called a V0 for version 0) – A traditional double action/single action (DA/SA) configuration using a 2 piece hammer with a decocker on the rear of the slide.

  • Version 1 (V1) – This mode uses H&K CDA trigger with no decocker.
  • Version 2 (V2) – The version uses the CDA trigger with a decocker.
  • Version 3 (V3) – This variant features a traditional DA/SA trigger with a single piece hammer and a rear decocker.
  • Version 4 (V4) – This version offers the CDA trigger but differs from Version 1 as this version does offer a rear decocker.
  • Version 5 (V5) – This model offers a traditional double action only trigger without a decocker.
  • Version 6 (V6) – This model offers a traditional double action only action with a rear decocker.

To further complicate matters, some of the P30 models can be outfitted with an optional ambi thumb safety lever, allowing the pistol to be carried in the traditional “cocked and locked” position normally seen on single action weapons like the 1911.

Given the number of trigger and safety options, you may see these pistols listed in a series of numbers and letters which denote the model, the presence of a safety, and the trigger configuration. For example, a P30 with a safety and the standard DA/SA configuration might be listed as P30S-V0. A P30 without a safety but equipped with the CDA trigger and decocker might be listed as P30-V4 (for version 4).

Here a couple of the more common questions that we’ve seen regarding holsters for the P30 series:

#1 – I have a P30L. Will it fit in a holster for the regular P30?

Sorry but it won’t. The P30L variant has a slide and barrel that is about ½ inch longer than the standard P30, so it requires its own unique holster. If you are looking for a holster for the P30L, try here: HK P30L Holsters.

#2 – I have the P30S with the ambi safety. Do you offer a holster to fit it? I’ve tried fitting it in a holster for the standard P30 without a safety, but the safety keeps getting disengaged during the draw?

That’s a common problem so you’ll want a holster made specifically for the P30S model with a safety. We offer holsters that are made only to fit the P30S models with a safety, and those can been seen here: https://www.gunnersalley.com/h-k-p30s/.

#3 – I have the P30 V2 but your website only shows an option for the basic H&K P30? Don’t I need a holster specific to my version?

Yes and no. The only time the version requires a holster made specifically for that version will be situations for the S models with a safety, or when you are interested in adding a thumb break to the holster for the P30. In either of those scenarios, you might need something specific to the individual version as it could play a role in the fit of the thumb break.

For example, the P30 V1 has a spurless hammer so a holster with a thumb break made for any of the other trigger versions might not fit the V1 well. If you have an interest in the holster for the P30 with an added thumb break, it might be best if you called to discuss before placing an order. That way, we can be sure that the holster will be a good fit.

Any of the holster models displayed below are available in a version to fit the H&K P30.

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